MyVideoBuzz 2.2.0 YouTube Channel Released

MyVideoBuzz 2.2.0 YouTube Channel Released

MyVideoBuzz is a really cool Roku channel for watching YouTube content on your Roku

UPDATE: ROKU IS NOW SUSPENDING DEVELOPER ACCOUNTS FOR SOME SIDE-LOADED CHANNELS. We urge you to use caution when side loading channels. We can't confirm your account will be suspended for adding the MyVideoBuzz channel, but there is a possibility which may not allow you to side-load any more private channels unless you create a new Roku account and unlink your Roku from your old account.

We have posted some great YouTube alternatives, most of these also have public Roku channels which you can add from the Roku channel store.

VideoBuzz was the original YouTube channel before YouTube even had a Roku channel available. When the "Official YouTube Channel" came out VideoBuzz, like iStreamItAll and a few others were banished from the Roku platform only to live on as a sideloaded channel.

Side loading is when the developer releases the zip file for their channel and users can then upload this zip file to their Roku by enabling developer mode. 

We have included the full instructions on how to side load a zip file to your Roku here.

-  You can only side load one private channel at a time to your Roku.

-  If side load another, it will remove the one you had side loaded already.
-  Side loading only takes a few steps and the first time it may be a little confusing but it gets easier after you do it once or twice.  

Here is What's New From the Developer Release Notes in MyVideoBuzz Version 2.2.0

Version 2.2.0
Major Changes
Added the ability to view your Liked videos. (Issue #122)
Make sure you have this set to public on your YouTube privacy settings here.
Added the ability to search for live streams (Issue #131)
Hit the '*' button to get to the search options dialog when in the Search window.
Added ability to process Roku External Control API messages (Issue #132)
Currently only works for single YouTube videos.
[Reddit] Added support for links
[Reddit] Fixed Vine support for archived videos.
[Reddit] Removed VKontakte and support.
[Reddit] Added a preference to enable sorting your subreddit list alphabetically. (Issue #139)
Bug Fixes
Fixed Issue #111 - Added a preference to hide the 'No Update Available' dialog.
Fixed Issue #124 - Gfycat videos weren't showing.
Fixed Issue #129 - Fixed a crash from occurring in an odd case of the YouTube API returning a bad result.
Fixed Multiple Issues with YouTube DASH playback.
Fixed Issue #100 - Added a month filter for the reddit feature.

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