Live TV DVR Tuners For Nvidia SHIELD

Low Cost Live TV Tuners For Nvidia SHIELD

Use The Nvidia Shield to Record, Pause and Rewind Live TV

Nvidia Shield DVR Tuners

For years we have used the excellent HDHomeRun Connect tuner to serve as a DVR for recording HD TV from an antenna. While it worked great as an HD network TV tuner to record, pause, fast forward and rewind live TV. With Roku you still need a PC running at the same time to record your content unless you subscribe to the HDHomeRun DVR service which costs $35/year and comes with a 14/day program guide instead of the free 24/hour guide.

Since we would rather have a free DVR, we decided to our SHIELD and plugged an external drive into it to save shows for later viewing. 

If you have a QNAP NAS,  or old PC laying around this can also be used to back up and view your recorded TV shows as well.

To watch Live TV Content on the Nvidia SHIELD use the Live Channels app that comes installed already. You will first need to configure it with your tuner in the app settings and perform a channel scan.

The success of this channel scan will depend greatly on your choice of an over the air antenna. A larger antenna with a signal amplifier installed in your attic or on your roof will almost always give you more channels and a better HD picture than a small indoor antenna. Unless you practically live right next door to the TV transmission towers.

Use this antenna guide, to help you perform a proper antenna installation that will give you years of trouble free live TV channels.


Tablo also just came out with a new DUAL Tuner DVR that now has built in storage for your recordings. It will also work great as a DVR for live HD TV shows from an antenna.

Tablo is one of the most expensive solutions other than buying a NAS for saving your recordings. The nice thing about the Tablo DUAL is you can watch your recordings on a wide range of devices like tablets, smart phones and Roku media streamers attached to your home network.


Special thanks, to our Nvidia Shield Rocks member Darryl for this great idea for a low cost XBOX tuner that also works well as a DVR to watch live TV channels on the SHIELD.

This is one of the lowest cost solutions to watch and record live TV channels on your SHIELD. While the other two tuners are Network tuners which give you more options for watching your Live TV content on multiple devices. The Xbox One tuner is a local tuner that will work directly on the Nvidia Shield.
Since it is a USB tuner made by Hauppauge it will plug directly into your SHIELD. If your SHIELD is not the PRO model, which has a 500GB hard drive built in. Then you will also need to use an external drive attached to your SHIELD to save your recordings like this WD MyBook 8TB Drive.

Tiny Cam Monitor App for Nvidia SHIELD

Turn your SHIELD into a Surveillance Station with an IP camera and the Android Tiny Cam Monitor App. It will detect motion and then when triggered, it begins recording. It requires a Nvidia SHIELD, and a WiFi IP camera to setup your own low cost home video security center.

ClearStream TV OTA Tuner

Antenna's direct also came out with a nice device that while not quite a DVR, it will let you watch live TV from an Antenna from remote locations and still pause, rewind and fast forward live TV. 

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