CINEMOOD Storyteller Mini Projector

The CINEMOOD Magic Storyteller Mini Projector

A Small Powerhouse Filled To The Brim With Potential

Special guest post by: Ryan West of Technical Defects

The CINEMOOD Magic Storyteller is a small powerhouse filled to the brim with potential. It comes pre-filled, out of the box with over 100 hours of curated video and audio content that is ready for you and your children to use via an easy to navigate menu.

CINEMOOD Storyteller Mini Projector

I was taken by surprise at the quality and care that went into the products packaging alone. No detail appeared to be forgotten,  from the high quality charger, the documentation that’s included or the Storyteller itself. It’s evident a lot of thought went into everything, even the little things we often take for granted. 

CINEMOOD’s 3-in-1 Magic Mini Projector began life as an Indiegogo crowdfunded campaign that was 158% funded. Their campaign managed to raise over $170,000 and completed it’s fundraising on June 19th, 2016 with close to 700 backers on the project.

Loaded with commercial free child friendly content that has been gathered for you. The CINEMOOD 3-in-1 Magic Storyteller is capable of keeping you and your little ones entertained with child appropriate video content, activities and books. 

Being the first “Cloud Connected” family oriented mini projector, these are some pretty big shoes to fill and the CINEMOOD does a wonderful job of holding up that title. If cloud connectivity is not enough for you, don’t worry. The CINEMOOD has multiple options for content beyond what's preloaded with NFC enabled Magic Smart Covers. 

It also comes with YouTube streaming and you can even use your own content via a USB and OTG cable. 

Each of the Magic Smart Covers not only protect your CINEMOOD, it also unlocks a particular group of content. Retailing for approx. $50 each, with popular titles like Om Nom, Hoopla Kids and Kin N Kate, to name just a few. This makes it really easy to add new and exciting content onto the CINEMOOD to make it even more fun for your kids.

CINEMOOD-HooplaKidz CINEMOOD-Smart-Cover-Kit%255En%255EKate-Stories CINEMOOD_Smart-Cover-Om-Nom%2BStories

With 5 hours of battery life, bluetooth/Wi-Fi, mobile streaming and quiet fanless cooling, the CINEMOOD Family Streamer is great to use at home and its compact size also makes it great when traveling away from home.

Boasting up to a 150” screen size that is able to display up to 1080p in a small handheld package, the CINEMOOD will keep your kids and the neighbor's kids occupied for many hours on end with Lullabies, Bedtime stories, Cartoons, Books, Hand Shadow puppet theaters and a lot more.

The CINEMOOD Storyteller contains 32gb of storage with 10gb reserved for user content. While the storage is not expandable you are able to utilize the USB flash drive for your personal content.

Even though the unit does not come with a remote you can download an app for Android, Apple Watch or IOS that will allow you to use your mobile device as a remote. Its simple interface makes it easy for anyone to control the Cinemood.

Build quality of the CINEMOOD is very sturdy and stylish. While the glossy black can be a magnet for fingerprints, it cleans off very easily. Even with the very sturdy design it still made me a little nervous while my 3 year old daughter played with it. She did however absolutely love the small portable nature of the unit and loved being able to watch her shows on the ceiling of both the living room and her play tent.

All in all, this is a great mini projector for your family since it all but guarantees what they are watching on the device is appropriate for them. The unit performed wonderfully in various lighting conditions.  

While it may be a little bit costly, the CINEMOOD StoryTeller is going to keep your family entertained for many hours and this is priceless.

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