Charter Wants Cord Cutters Back

Charter Wants Cord Cutters Back

Now Offering Spectrum Stream Cable TV Light Bundle

Charter not to be left out of the skinny bundle party this week released their own new package of channels geared towards cord cutters.

Spectrum’s new cable light bundle is called Spectrum Stream. It costs $26 a month ($20 base + $6 fee) and includes all four local broadcast channels — CBS, NBC, ABC, FOX, plus a nice mix of 20 more live channels, including TBS, PBS and HGTV.

Lacking are the sports channels although you can add NBS Sports and ESPN with a sports and news pack for $12 more per month.

This brings the total up to $38 a month without any added packages like Sports or News. Plus when you add their Internet without cable TV it will cost another $65/month. So let's do the math, if you buy their Internet with basic TV it costs $53.99 a month.

This is according to their rate card which you can access for your area by entering your Address and Zip Code here. Note: these prices may vary slightly from area to area.

If you buy their skinny Spectrum Stream bundle along with their Internet only, this will cost you $103 a month. Yet, if you buy their Internet together with Basic cable it only costs $76/month.

They must think cord cutters are dumb? By offering a streaming service along with their broadband Internet you get to pay them $26 more a month for the privilege of cutting the cord.

We are still shaking our heads at this one...

Now here is the crazy part, they are not offering this on the Internet. They will only offer you this amazing deal by direct mail or if you call in.

In fact they want you to call in so they can up-sell you one of their many other products they carry.

Like how about the Playboy channel for another $19.99/month. Psst, you can stream this channel as low as $9.99/month without paying for their expensive cable TV package.

Most cord cutters are pretty smart and it won't take them long to figure out this is a bad deal from a big cable company that really does not have their best interests at heart. It seems the only interest they really have, is reaching even deeper into our wallets.

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