Comcast Increases Internet Price Again

Comcast Increases Internet Price Again - Customers Livid!

Bill went up from $46.99 to $69.99 in less than a year!

Cable companies are at it again, now that TV customers are leaving in droves, they are sticking Internet customers with higher monthly prices.

Unfortunately, there is not much we as consumers can do or is there?

Five things you can try to lower your Internet bill:

Step 1. Call customer service and ask if they are offering any special promotions. Cable companies know they have a big market advantage over their customers. Unless you live in an area where Google Fiber has set up shop, they know your choices for other Internet providers are very limited. Don't be surprised if no discounts are offered. Getting rude or jumping up and down won't help either. Remember you can attract more flies with honey than vinegar. If they have anything available, they will offer it to you rather than risk losing a long term valuable customer. Be sure to do this each time your promotion expires.

Step 2. If you are renting an Internet modem from them, stop this fast. You can get a good cable modem for less than $100. Check to see if your provider is supported. This is usually listed in the specs or in the questions and answers on Amazon for each model. Motorola is the gold standard when it comes to cable modems right now. Arris, Netgear, and TP-Link all make decent cable modems as well.

Step 3. If your monthly usage and bandwidth needs are not that high, you may be able to take advantage of a service like which uses wireless Internet. It provides WiFi Internet which may not be as fast as traditional cable broadband, and it requires a full years payment up front. Although, the satisfaction you get by sticking it to your cable Internet provider just may be worth it.

Step 4. There is always DSL. It's slower, but they are improving their networks. Call your local DSL provider and see what they are offering. You may find it's enough to meet your needs and may cost you significantly less than cable Internet.

Step 5. If you live close enough to a free guest network that is not password protected, this may be another great option. Hospitals, Coffee Shops, some Hotels and even Airports all offer free WiFi. Just make sure to get yourself a VPN. A VPN will only cost a fraction of the cost of a Comcast bill and it will protect all your online activities. Especially important when you are using public WiFi.

You can extend your range by installing an outdoor WiFi Antenna. Some have been known to pick up WiFi from over three miles away. Someone made a range extender from a cooking Wok. This is known as a WOKtenna. You can even use the small satellite dish you may still have hooked to your roof.

Amazon sells this Indoor/Outdoor waterproof WiFi Antenna for less than $40. It may be worth a try, if you can pick up free WiFi you many never need to pay another Internet bill Or, get really mad next time Comcast or another provider raises your Internet bill yet once again.

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