Watch DirecTV Now on Roku with PlayOn

Watch DirecTV Now on Roku with PlayOn

Use PlayOn to Record DirecTV Now and Watch on Roku

While DirecTV Now has not yet made their appearance on one the most popular media streamers, PlayOn quietly introduced a new DirecTV Now channel that will let Roku owners play it on their Roku players.

This new PlayOn channel allows you to record any DirecTV on-demand or live stream and supports AdSkip when watching those recordings.

The PlayOn software is installed on a PC like Plex and lets user record their shows to the PC and then watched on Roku using their Roku software.

We Are Giving Away 6 Lifetime Subscriptions to PlayOn 

            Every Saturday for the next six weeks we will be giving away a lifetime sub to PlayOn
Each week we will have a fun and different way you can win. 

After the tough last round which undoubtedly fried a few brain cells,  we made this round a lot easier.

  • Round 6 - PlayOn Treasure Hunt

For our final PlayOn contest, just follow the simple clues on our Treasure Map... Click here to get started!

One lucky winner will be selected by entering all the eligible names in the list at and randomizing it three times and the 1st person on the list will be chosen to win this weeks prize.

We will contact you on Facebook Instant Messenger. If you have not responded to us by the Next Drawing, you will forfeit your prize and we will draw two winners for that week. 

PlayOn Contest Winners:

Week 1 - May 6,  Facebook PlayOn Photo Like and Comment Winner: Charles Holcomb
Week 2 - May 13, Winner: Level 2 - Little Bit Tougher (6x3) Winner: Karen M Koncyzyk
Week 3 - May 20, Winner: Level 3 - Mind Numbingly Hard: Jessamine Belland
Week 4 - May 27, PlayOn Facebook Like Winner: Susan Grogan
Week 5 - June 3, PlayOn Slider Puzzle Winner: Colleen Zufall

July 4th, Treasure Hunt Puzzle Winner: Leslie Barr

When winner contacts us they will be sent a code to activate their lifetime sub. 

Congratulations to the winners, thank you for playing ever one!

Use PlayOn Without a PC

PlayOn also recently rolled out their cloud based software that works with Apple iDevices. An Android app is coming soon as well. This lets you record content and save it to their cloud and watch it from any of your devices.

How it Works -
"PlayOn Cloud is a streaming video recorder (SVR) located in the cloud. When you select a video in the PlayOn Cloud app on your iPad or iPhone, we start a stream on a virtual PC in the cloud and record that stream like a DVR records cable TV. Once that recording is complete, an .mp4 file will be ready for you to enjoy. You can download that the .mp4 video file from the PlayOn Cloud app on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch."

When your recordings are done, PlayOn will also email you a link  so you can download and watch them on any other device.

Get PlayOn for a Special Discounted Price For Roku Rocks Members!

PlayOn Costs $7.99/month or $29.99/year

Roku Rocks Members can now buy PlayOn for a permanent special discounted price.

The discount code is "RokuRocks" and this will save you $30 off the $69.99 Lifetime price on the PlayOn software. 

Get PlayOn for ($39.99) for a one time fee for life!

To get PlayOn for this special price join Roku Rocks on Facebook, or Roku Rocks on Google Plus.

Add the PlayOn Roku Channel

Besides the PC software, you will also need to add the PlayOn Roku Channel to your Roku. This channel will let you watch the content you recorded on your PC right on your Roku.

Private Channel Code = PLAYON

Add PlayOn Roku Channel

PlayOn can now be added from the Roku Channel Store

PlayOn Plugin Channels

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