Roku m3u Playlist Player Guide to IPTV

Roku m3u Playlist Player Guide to IPTV
·Special Guest Post by MANDY DAVIS

1. The m3u Playlist Player is now available in the Roku Channel Store. 

You can also add it by clicking the channel icon to add it to your Roku below. You will need to go to Settings/System/Update for it to show up at the end of your channels list.

Click here to ADD m3u Playlist Player

m3u Playlist Player IPTV Roku channel
The m3u Playlist Player is now a public channel and available in the Roku channel store

2. m3u Playlist Player Roku Channel

m3u Playlist Player in the Roku Channel Store

3. Once you have added the m3u Playlist Player app, then Go to and open the channel.

After adding then Go to channel

4. Click on New Playlist +
Click on New Playlist

5.  Name the stream whatever you’d like.

m3u Playlist Player Add a Name for your Playlist
Name your playlist

6. Shortening a really long playlist name will save you a lot of typing. Type in the tinyurl or URL of your playlist as shown below. 

Here is a demo of a working m3u url that you can try that contains a couple mp4 and m4v videos. 

Enter this URL in your m3u Playlist Player:
Add your shortened m3u URL

7. Save your new playlist and exit the app.

Exit m3u Playlist Player for changes to take effect

8. Open the app again and scroll to your playlist. Click the enter button.

Find your saved playlist and click the enter button on your remote control

9. Scroll to My Playlist icon, hit the enter button.

Once you scroll to My Playlist  folder and press the enter button, all your channels will be there

10. If you need help finding or building your own custom m3u playlist, click here for a guide.

TIP: If you are stuck at the "Retrieving screen". You most likely made a typo when you entered your m3u playlist URL. Delete your playlist and try it again.



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