Things I've Learned As A Cord Cutter

Things I've Learned As A Cord Cutter
·Special Guest Post by LISETTE MORRIS


1. I miss the clock on the front of the cable box. Problem easily fixed. I wish I owned one of those TV lamps they used in the 50's.

2. No more mindless television watching. This is hard to explain untill it happens. Everyone thinks they don't do it. Yes you do! When you cut the cable, you find out real quick that you have to put much more thought into what you want to watch.

3. You become more open to things you wouldn't have bothered with when you paid for cable. Because you don't deal with biased commercials. You rely more on word of mouth than the media telling you what to watch.

4. You find yourself watching movies and television shows you haven't watched literally in years. It's been a fun trip back thru time introducing my kids to all the things cable won't show.

5. Once you get used to it, watching TV becomes a much more fulfilling activity as opposed to being glued to an "idiot box".

6. "There's nothing on" completely disappears from your list of excuses. Because if you do reach that point, it becomes pretty obvious it's time to go outside. Or do the dishes, or whatever. "There's nothing on" when you cut the cord means "I'm to bored for TV"

7. Turns out, there's a lot better things I can do with $150 a month.

8. All the people that I'd talked into getting cable TV 25 years ago are not happy with me right now.

Special thanks to Lisette, for letting us share this with you. After having cut the cord for many years it's easy to forget how cutting the cord opens up an entire new world of television entertainment. 

If you recently made the decision to cut the cord, know you are not alone. We are here to help you along the way. We set up a special group on Facebook where over 10,000 people have fully or partially cut the cord already. 

Join us, feel free to ask questions. You will find plenty of great people there that are ready, willing and able to help you become a cord cutting pro in no time at all.

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