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Roku Activation Code Step-by-Step Guide

Don't get fooled by websites pretending to be Roku Support sites. Or, websites that want to charge to help you with a Roku Activation Code.

Official Roku Website Address Contains: ROKU.COM

As more people get Smart TVs that come with Roku media players built-in, they are turning to Google for help when they have problems and often come across Fake Roku Support Sites pretending to be Roku.


Click Here to Visit the Official Roku Support Website

One of hardest things to do with Roku is set it up, or add the activation code that comes up on your TV screen when you first turn on your Roku TV or Roku media player.

This is really pretty easy and we are not going to charge you any money to show where to find the same information directly from Roku. Because setting up a new Roku is FREE!

How to Enter a Roku Activation Code on a New Roku

This will show you how to setup your Roku media player or Roku TV when you first turn it on. The full step-by-step Roku Activation instructions from Roku are here.

You can even activate a Roku without a Credit Card. Instructions are in the video below. Note: the link has changed to:

How to Enter a Roku Private Channel Activation Code

Adding private channels to your Roku is easy. Rather than using your Roku channel store on your Roku,  simply point your web browser to these Roku Private Activation Channel Codes Instructions.

As a bonus, be sure to see the list of 1,700+ Private Roku Channel Codes. You won't find these in the Roku Channel store!

How to Activate a Cable TV Roku Channel

Cable TV Roku channels can be found on this list. These are channels that will work on your Roku if you have access to a cable or satellite subscription. 

Many of these channel even show limited content even without a subscription. Although to see everything you need to link them to your Roku using the Roku activation code they provide.

To activate these Roku cable channels, follow instructions also provided here.

Best Roku Support

One of the best Roku Support Groups Ever!

Should you ever have problems with your Roku, join our awesome Roku Rocks Group on Facebook. We have a great group of Roku fans that can help you with almost any questions that come up. 

Plus, we can help you find some really cool Roku channels too!

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