Roku Super Stalker IPTV Emulator

Roku Super Stalker IPTV Emulator

For anyone that thought Kodi was one reason to shun Roku when it came to IPTV, you may be in for a surprise!

Recently two channels launched on the Roku platform that changed everything. The new private IPTV Playlist Player Channel, lets you add IPTV Playlists to your Roku. Also, this new Super Stalker Emulator private Roku channel made owning a Roku media streamer even more useful.

This channel requires an IPTV Stalker Subscription like this one

IPTV Stalker is one of the most popular paid IPTV services out there. We have to warn you though, you are entering into the "Dark Side" of Roku streaming, so proceed at your own risk. You may want to bring along a flashlight to help find your way back to the world of Sling TV, Sony Playstation Vue, DirecTV Now or this Cord Cutters Guide to Free TV in case you decide IPTV is not for you.

The new Roku Super Stalker channel is free of ads and they will give you a free demo trial account if you don't have a Super Stalker account yet to try. Just send an Email to: for a temporary user ID and password to give the Super Stalker Roku channel a try.

This channel since it is still pretty new, may have a few quirks which should get fixed with time.

You can also add Super Stalker to your Roku with the private channel code: STBEMU

You can learn more about the Super Stalker Roku channel by visiting this "Getting Started" webpage.

Super Stalker Roku Private Channel

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