How to Setup Your Nvidia Shield for Free Movies

Setup Your Nvidia Shield for Free Movies

Tweak your Nvidia Shield to make it the Ultimate Streamer

There is no reason to buy an expensive Android TV box that comes with everything pre-installed. For the same price you can easily buy one of the best and most powerful media streamers on the market and set it up yourself instead!

Setting up your Nivdia Shield is really pretty easy. Rather than writing a lengthy guide, we are instead going to share a great video by Steven who is a regular poster in our Team Android Facebook group.

Watch the video below and he will talk you through the step by step process of setting up Kodi, and everything else you need to turn your Nvidia Shield into a Media Streaming Free Movie Playing Monster Streamer!

The video is a little long but if you are serious about turning your Nvidia Shield into an awesome media streamer and getting the most from it, you should really watch it.

When you are done following Steven's instructions, you will have one nicely configured Nvidia Shield ready do everything you need it to do.

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Get the Right External Storage

One thing Steven mentioned early on in his video is that the Nvidia Shield does not like to play nice with USB SD card storage. This is one reason the SD port was removed from their new models.

If your Shield did not come with the internal drive, you can easily attach an external USB drive to it with the USB port. This is something we have done with ours. It recognized it right away, just make sure it is formatted in FAT32 if your drive is 4GB or less. Over 4GB then you need to format it to exFAT. The Shield will not support drives formatted to NTFS.

On the drive we created a _NVIDIA SHIELD folder. The underscore in front of the name puts the folder at the very top of the list so finding it is easy. Inside we added a few subfolders for Downloads, KODI, Plex and Apps.

For the external drive we used an OYEN Digital Mini Pro high quality metal drive enclosure and placed a 1GB spare notebook drive we had laying around inside. The file manager easily recognized it and it gave the Nvidia Shield a nice storage bump for games, apps or Kodi Builds.
We have used this drive for various projects for several years now and really like that it powers up and works fine right from the Nvidia Shield's USB port alone so an external power supply is not required.

You can find these drive enclosures on Amazon here.

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