How to Watch Showbox on Roku

How to watch Showbox on Roku

While there is no Showbox Roku channel yet...

There are a few ways to watch the same kind of content on Roku without the Showbox channel

About Showbox

Showbox is a popular Android App that has a lot of Free TV Shows and movies. The app does not contain any content rather it organizes movies and TV and then provides links on the internet from where they can be streamed. Showbox is the top 50 most popular apps for Android. More than 10 million active users and 300 thousand downloads per month.

1. XTV Roku Channel

The XTV channel is a private channel that has a ton of content and even offers something better than Showbox, Live IPTV channels. While they sometimes may be bit glitchy, their on-demand TV show and movie library is massive and well worth checking out. You can get the channel and learn more about XTV here... Or, build your own IPTV Playlist and use the IPTV Playlist Player Roku Channel

2. Plex and Unsupported Apps

Plex requires a computer to be running special software while you are watching the Roku channel at the same time you watch the Plex Roku channel. This is probably the hardest way to watch Showbox type content on Roku and takes the most effort. Once you have everything setup, you will need download and add some of these Plex unsupported app store apps to your Plex server. Once done, enjoy much of the same content on Roku as you would watch on Showbox.

3. iStreamItAll Roku Channel

This is paid streaming TV channel like Netflix that offers a ton of movies and TV shows which you can stream on Roku. From time to time they have contests and special promos. You can learn more about the iStreamitAll Roku channel here and be kept updated of any special promotions or contests they may be offering. Watch the video below to learn more about iStreamItAll.

4. Use Roku Screen Mirroring

Screen Mirroring let's you take what you are watching on your phone or tablet and mirror it on your TV screen. Screen mirroring works with most of the new Roku models and a few of the older models as well. Here is a guide on how to use Screen Mirroring to watch Showbox on your Roku.

5. Buy an Android TV Box and Watch Showbox

Probably the easiest way to watch Showbox is to simply add another Android TV box to your TV. Android TV boxes give you the advantage of being able to also use Kodi which is a popular app for streaming TV shows and Movies. Besides Showbox, you can also use other apps like Terrarium or Cartoon HD which have much of the same type of content.

Check out this list of Top 10 Android TV Boxes to see some popular streamers.

How to Find Showbox and Other Android TV Apps Ad-Free

As nice as Showbox and some of the Android TV apps are, the popups and flashing ads can be extremely annoying. Here is how you can find the latest version of Showbox or any other Android App using this simple Google search trick.

The downside to installing an ad-free version of any Android app is whenever an update is released, you will need to delete the installed app and then find a newer updated ad-free app and install it again. This means that the auto update from within the app will fail and it requires a little more work.

- To search for an Ad-Free Version open up Google in your Web-Browser type showbox ad free.

Once the search results come up, click the tab, "Search Tools" then in the context menu choose "Past Week". This should bring up the most recent version and list of sites where you can download it from.

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