5 Private Roku Channels You Shouldn't Miss

best Private Roku Channels

5 Private Roku Channels That Are Among the Best

While there are tons of public channels in the Roku channel store. There are some great private Roku channels you won't find listed there. These channels were never published in the Public channel store because they may contain prohibited content such as Roku Porn, Live TV streams or copyrighted content. Or, a developer may simply have wanted to keep their channel private for any number of reasons.


If you browsed our huge A-Z Private Roku Channels list you will see most private channels have both a code listed and an "add channel" link.

Private Roku channels can be added by either a code or by clicking an add channel link. Clicking the link is easier. If this won't work because you live in another country and can't access Roku's channel store, you can also add channels by entering a private channel's vanity code.

To enter the code, visit your Roku My Account web page on your computer. After you have Signed in, click the Welcome tab with your name listed underneath. From the pop-up nav bar, go to My account, then scroll down under Manage account and click the Add a Channel link. In the Channel access code box, type in the channel code and then click the blue Add channel button.

No matter which method you choose to add new channels, your new channels won't show up until you go to your Roku and do a System update under settings. Any new channels will then be added and can be found at the very end of your installed channels on your Roku.

Best Private Roku Channels

When it comes to private Roku channels, these channels are extra special. They will let you do things with your Roku that you may have not known was possible.


If there is one channel that could win a most popular private Roku channel contest award, it's XTV. This channel has so much free content it is unreal. XTV does not charge a monthly fee, although donations are gladly accepted. It offers a ton of great content. When we say a ton we are not using the term lightly. There are really a lot of free movies and TV series that can be found inside this channel.

No complicated add-ons or setups like with Plex or Kodi. With the XTV private Roku channel you just turn on your Roku and watch TV. Just the way it should be.

XTV features both on-demand and live TV. While the live TV streams don't always work 100% of the time, this is the nature of IPTV. For the most part they work well. XTV is currently one of the best and it can hold its own against any public or private Roku channel available today.

Read more about XTV and IPTV


If there was ever a channel that has sparked more debate yet comes in second in popularity, it's iStreamItAll. ISIA is a subscription private channel that charges a monthly fee. There is so much great content loaded into this channel that many subscribers rank it in the same class as Netflix.

They have a ton of newer movies and TV series. Most people that try their free trial end up happy subscribers. Questions have come up from time to time as to the legal aspect of this channel. The developer sat down for an interview with one of our Roku Rocks FB group admins.

Read the full iStreamItAll interview here

Channel PEAR

The basic channel is free and will let you choose 5 live IPTV streams to watch on up to two Roku devices. If you want to add unlimited streams or have it on more devices, it costs a small monthly fee.

First you need to visit their website and sign up for an account and pair the channel to your Roku. Then choose from hundreds of live TV streams and watch LIVE TV on Roku.

Learn more about Channel PEAR


Imagine a Roku channel that hides all the video content you download from torrents behind a VPN in the cloud and then lets you play it back directly to your Roku. This is exactly how Put.io works.

The channel charges a monthly fee based on how much online storage space you use. Plans start as low as $9.99 a month for 100GB and 10 torrent slots all the way up to 2TB of cloud storage for 100 torrent slots.

Downloads are lightning fast because it uses their servers which are also behind a VPN. This lets you safely use torrents even with a slow Internet connection and without worrying about a letter from your Internet provider.

Learn more about Put.io private Roku channel here


If you are a fan of YouTube then you should really have a look at this private channel. Many people love this channel more than the official YouTube channel on Roku.

This channel is very useful to those that have older Roku models and can't get the YouTube channel to work properly. Try using this channel instead. It works perfectly on many older Roku models.

MyVideoBuzz must be side loaded by first placing your Roku into developer mode. This is easy and we have provided the step-by-step instructions.

Learn how to add the MyVideoBuzz channel here

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