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SugarInstant is a highly popular Adult Roku porn channel and one of our Top 3 favorite Adult Roku channels. While this company has been around for a very long time, they first started out as Sugar DVD during a time when the Adult DVD rental by mail business was very popular. They quickly became known as "The Netflix of Porn" and now offer their library for instant streaming with Roku or a wide range of other media streaming devices.

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Sugar DVD - Rent Adult DVDS By Mail

Even though they still also rent adult DVDs by mail, Sugar DVD recently rebranded and has changed their name to SugarInstant. Their channel has become extremely popular on the Roku streaming platform. Once you join you can also view their entire online video library on a PlayStation, XBox, iPad, and Android. Once you sign up you can access their content from all these devices with channels they provide on their site to download.

SugarInstant Live Shows

Pay By the Minute Plan

Where SugarInstant really rocks is on the Roku platform. With Sugar Instant you can stream all the Adult movies you want. It lets you stream unlimited Adult content in the privacy of your home right on your large screen HD TV.

They also have pay by the minute plans, and you can even buy videos to download to your Playstation, XBOX, or Android devices.

Pin Protected Parental Control

Another nice feature is you can easily set up full Parental Controls on SugarInstant. Simply choose and setup a PIN number and anytime you want to watch the channel you will need to enter the number.

Large SugarInstant Online Library

Their online streaming library is quite extensive and features full-length adult movies in vivid HD. Covering a wide range of 48 categories which can be easily customized and added to the top row of the channel. Enter the preference screen to easily add more or show less categories.

They also make it easy to find new content in the Newly Added Videos section. (New content is added quite often). You can also choose from Popular "Top Rated" videos from today's hottest Adult stars. Search by Title or Name of your favorite Porn Stars to see a complete list of movies they were in.

If you find some movies you want to watch another time, just add these to your Favorites list for later viewing.

Sugar Instant Live Shows and VR Porn

Sugar just keeps getting better, they now also feature live shows and the latest and greatest in adult entertainment, Virtual Reality Porn

Once you watch VR Porn, you may never want to watch it any other way.

Watching SugarInstant on Roku is Easy

After you've joined, click their add channel link. It will let you sign into your Roku account and then add the private SugarInstant channel to your Roku. You can also watch this channel on many other devices.

Then on your Roku, go to Settings\System\System Update. When complete, it will have added any new channels to the end of your channels list. Pressing the up arrow from your first row will take you right to your newly added channels without a lot of needless scrolling.

Finally, the first time you open the Sugar Instant Channel, you will see a linking code. Enter that code at their SugarIntant/Roku website

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