YouTube Roku Channel Gets an Update

YouTube Roku Channel Gets Updated

Often criticized, the YouTube Roku app gets a new welcomed update!

Roku owners have been complaining for a while now about the official Roku YouTube channel. Some users have disliked it enough because of slow loading on older Roku models, they even went as far as sideloading a better private YouTube MyVideoBuzz channel to use instead.

You can learn more about this alternative YouTube Roku channel... here

Google must have been listening to complaints about their official YouTube Roku channel and today released an important update many users of their channel will appreciate.

Engadget announced that there was an update not only for the Roku channel, but also for the YouTube app on Game Consoles, Smart TVs, and Google's own Chromecast streamer.

To make finding content from within the YouTube app much easier. They added a new row of content categories right at the top of the window.

Say you want to look for Sports and then want to check out Comedy, just scroll quickly through the topics and click on the one you want.

While these topics were always there hidden away out of sight in the sidebar. Now that they have been moved to the front and top of the app. The different categories are now much easier to find and will make searching for new content from within the app much nicer.

All together now, there are 14 categories you can scroll through. When you choose one, there are even more sub-categories inside each one to help you hone in on even more results.

This is a welcomed change. One that will hopefully make the YouTube channel much more enjoyable by making it easier to find new content. This update will be rolled out soon to compatible devices.

If you have not yet added YouTube, or have become frustrated and may have even deleted it from your Roku.

Re-add the YouTube channel again once again below.

Add YouTube Roku Channel

Did Google do enough to make this channel better, or is there do they still have more work left to do? Time will tell, although with this new YouTube channel update it's a positive sign they are moving in the right direction.

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