AMC Roku Channel is Here

AMC Roku Channel is Here

Walking Dead Fans Rejoice - AMC Roku Channel has Arrived!

Now you have one more Reason to dump your ugly and expensive money sucking extra cable TV boxes.

For years now we have been telling our readers that still choose to subscribe to cable or satellite that a Roku can save them money every month. That's because cable TV and satellite providers make you rent a box for each television you own. 

If you have 3 televisions in your home and pay an extra $20 a month to rent two extra boxes. This can amount to a savings of $240 a year.  Money that could most likely be put to much better use for a typical family struggling to pay bills.

AMC is a very popular channel. With current original programming hit TV shows like The Walking Dead, Preacher and selected episodes from past epic series like Breaking Bad.

AMC is one of the last channels to be available to watch on Roku provided you already have a participating cable TV or Satellite provider account to access everything they offer.

AMC does offer viewers without a provider account special access to premieres and video extras. Kind of a teaser of sorts. If you want to watch full seasons of your favorite shows, then you must log into the channel.

TV Series Available on AMC

Fear the Walking Dead
The Walking Dead
Feed The Beast
The Making Of The Mob
Geeking Out
Hell On Wheels
The American West
Halt And Catch Fire
Ride with Norman Reedus
Turn Washington's Spies
Talking Dead
Talking Preacher
Comic Book Men
Breaking Bad

Unfortunately, you will not be able to watch every season and every episode of past seasons with this AMC streaming Roku channel. You still need to use your cable provider's on-demand service or go with one of their participating partners like Netflix, Google Video, or rent them through Amazon Video or iTunes.

AMC still offers many current TV show episodes on their channel. Here is a full listing of all the shows you can currently watch on AMC.

You will have the option to add many more Cable TV channels as well!

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