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LSA NG Live Stream Aggregator Private Roku Channel

Watch Foreign Live TV with this new channel

We are happy to bring you a brand new private Roku channel that will offer something a little different than most. Live TV Streams are something you won't find very often on many Roku channels. 

When the developer contacted us to tell us about their new Roku channel we were excited to learn that not only was it free, it also had great live content that's not often found on Roku for free.

Live Stream Aggregator brings you live TV streams from many different areas around the world. Free Foreign content is something many people are looking for on Roku. Please be sure to pass this on and let everyone know about the brand new LSA NG Roku channel.

Live Regional content and programming in:

- Arabic
- French
- Canadian
- Iranian
- German
- Italian
- Russian
- Turkish
- African

Private Roku Channels like this don't come along every day, so take a look and please remember it's a brand new channel and the developer promises to have even more content on the way soon...

To Add the Live Stream Aggregator channel to your Roku, click the photo or the add LSA channel link below.

Add Live Stream Aggregator

Private Channel Code: LSANG

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