Streaming television is all about unlimited choices.

To get your channel noticed in the huge list of Roku channels can often be very difficult. This is about to change with Roku leading the way.

"Expect to see the future of streaming television advertising to resembling social media more than cable television." This was something recently said by Innovid, one of Roku's leading advertising partner.

If you are a traditional advertiser, you may have seen your revenue shrinking with more and more people cutting the cord. In 2015 according to the latest survey, 2.5% more TV subscribers canceled service and cut the cord. They turned to streaming devices like Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV and Chromecast to make the switch.

Advertisers need to embrace this new streaming technology and will need to change along with the times. In the next few weeks, Roku after making changes to it's software will change the way we interact with and watch ads on their platform.

Fastcompany reported that Roku will start allowing users to subscribe to specific channels or follow a certain television show by clicking a button within the ad.

What This Means for The End User.

Say you are watching a show and an ad comes on promoting a TV series or Movie, you will be able to click a button and the show or movie will be added right to your feed. Or, a channel developer's channel can be added to your channel list right from within the ad. This will let the channel owner pay to have their channel stand out from all the thousands of other channels on the Roku platform. Plus, it means more advertising revenue for Roku.

Roku Should Proceed With Caution

Streamers are generally not big fans of ads, although maybe this may be something that they would not mind. Guess it all depends if it's more passive like an ad on the side bar while browsing through the channels. Or, a more aggressive in your face type of ad. If it constantly pauses what you are watching to display an ad on channels that typically never had ads. Roku may soon see people flocking to other less intrusive ad-free media streaming alternatives... Like these

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