TVQue Send photos/videos/music to SmartTV or Roku

TVQue Send photos/videos/music to SmartTV or Roku

An interesting new private Roku channel that offers some great new features!

Still in beta, TVQue is a Roku channel that offers easy playlists of content right from a webpage.

Roku is a great media streaming platform. It's open source developer software has people constantly pushing the boundaries of what it can do. Today we bring you TVQue a brand new private beta Roku channel that promises to do just that.

Not only does this work with Roku, they also have a free app that works with Samsung SmartHub TVs. Best of all TVQue is FREE.

While we have seen casting type apps before, this one is pretty cool as no login is required. You can send photos, personal messages, videos, RSS urls and more to your TV right from their website.

TVQue Features:

* No login required to send photos/video messages to anyones TV
* Create channels from rss feeds
* Create with YouTube search feeds
* Upload photos/videos/live stream urls and create channel 
* Watch Meerkat/Periscopes 
* Samsung SmartHub app and Roku app available now

Add TVQue Private Roku Channel

Roku Channel Code: TVQue

Get the Samsung SmartHub App

Coming soon apps for... Android App, Apple TV, Google Chrome and LG TVs.
Now Register and add the code to your Roku or Samsung Smart TV

How to use TVQue

1. Click here to Visit the TVQue website - Don't be put off. Their website is still a work in progress. When you see the all cool stuff this channel can do you will be glad you checked it out.

TVQue Roku Channel

2. You will see an orange Queue to TV button. Hoover your mouse any where near the button and it will turn into an upload window. Click inside the dashed box and an upload window will open to choose your content. Once your content is uploaded click the orange Queue to TV button. If you enter an email address before you click the orange Queue to TV button that person will get an email telling them your content has been added and is ready to watch on their TV.

Watch Your Videos and Photos on QueTV

3. Once you uploaded photos or videos you also can share your playlist by email with someone by entering their email address and clicking the orange share button.

Upload Videos, Photos and more to your TV with QueTV Roku Channel

Here is a copy of the email your friends or family will get telling them you shared content with them:

4. Finally go to your Roku player and watch your playlist you created in the TVQue channel.

5. If you want to delete or add more content, just go back to their website. Be aware your content could be visible to others and it will only stay on their site for a week before it is automatically deleted.

You can also use their search feature to see what others are watching and add these items to your playlist as well.

If you have questions, be sure to visit the TVQue FAQ page.

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