Roku Remote Not Working - Try These Simple Tips

Don't throw away your Roku remote control and buy a new one until you've tried these simple steps.

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What to Do When Your Roku Remote Stops Working

Change the Batteries: Roku remotes eat batteries pretty quickly. Replace your batteries with two new Alkaline batteries. Check the date on the batteries, they won't last forever.

Are the Batteries Inserted Correctly?  It's easy to do it wrong and is a common reason why the remote won't work. Look at the last picture for the correct orientation of the positive and negative terminals.

If the previous steps did not get your remote working, it's time to re-pair your Roku remote.

A Note on Pairing Your Roku Remote

Roku remotes need to be paired. Pairing means that if you have multiple Roku only the remote you pair with it will control that Roku. This especially useful for households that own multiple Roku players. You wouldn't want your bedroom remote reflecting the infrared signal off a glass window and then bounce off a mirror and change the channel on the remote in the living room.

Here is How to Pair Your Roku Remote

1. Unplug your power connector to your Roku. All the lights should go dark.
2. Remove the cover from your Roku remote control.
3. Hold the Roku Remote close to your Roku player.
4. Press and hold the little pairing button located inside the battery compartment on your Roku remote control for 3 seconds then let go of the pairing button. (highlighted by the green circle)
5. Wait approximately 10 seconds and all the lights on your remote should stop flashing.

Most of the time this will have fixed your remote and you should be good to go.

If this did not fix your Roku remote, here is where you can buy a new replacement Remote Control on Amazon.

Another Free option, is to use the Roku remote apps for your iPhone or Android Phone. They can be found here and are free to download from Roku's website.

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