Get AirPlay on Roku with the Trimeplay Roku Private Channel

How to Get AirPlay on Roku with the Trimeplay Private Roku Channel

TrimePlay lets you watch many Movies and TV Shows from Airplay capable websites.

Roku now has their own version of Airplay for some of it's models, you can read more about this feature... here

Unfortunately, it requires certain compatible mobile devices and is not always reliable. If you own an older Roku model, you are out of luck unless you try using the Trimeplay channel.

Trimeplay is a private Roku channel that is just what you need to get AirPlay enabled and working on your Roku with iOS devices running 4.2 or newer.

Disclaimer: Trimplay is an experimental and beta Roku channel. So it may not always work perfect. When we tried it with a newer iPhone it actually worked very well. This is not a replacement for true mirroring and will only work on websites that contains videos in an iOS compatible format. These are formats are only supported by iTunes such as mov, mp4, or m4v. It will not support AVI, MKV, WMD, DivX, XviD or Flash files like FLV or SWF.

If you want to play these files you have a couple of options. Use a NAS that is capable of Transcoding and use Plex. Or, convert these files into a compatible format that will play in iTunes.

Install Trimeplay Roku AirPlay Private Channel

AirPlay on Roku
Add Trimeplay Roku Channel


TrimePlay MAC Address

To use Trimeplay on your Roku you will need to add your Roku MAC Address to the channel. While this may make some nervous, it is actually easy to do. Follow these excellent step-by-step instructions from TheStreamingAdvisor.

How to Use Trimeplay to AirPlay Videos from Your iOS devices

Step 1. On your Roku navigate to the Trimeplay channel you just installed. The Trimeplay channel will give you a "waiting for connection" message. This is not an error, it means you need toconnect it to an Airplay compatible iOS device.
Step 2. Now you need to turn on your AirPlay compatible device and on that device go to the website that contains the video you want to watch.
Step 3. Begin playing the video on the website.
Step 4. Open AirPlay control on your portable Apple Device by swiping from the bottom up.
Step 5. Tap on the AirPlay icon. If your Trimeplay channel is on and playing on your Roku (if not you missed step one) you will see your Roku as an available device.
Step 6. Tap play on your iOS device to begin AirPlay and your video should show up on your Roku.
Step 7. Close your iOS control center and enjoy your movie.

How to Turn AirPlay Off

Step 1. On your iOS device, swipe up from the bottom of your screen to open the Control Center.
Step 2. Tap AirPlay.
Step 3. Tap your Roku which will now be at the top of the AirPlay list.

Watch Video to Learn How to Turn AirPlay ON/OFF

Websites With AirPlay Compatible Videos

Here is a huge list of streaming internet websites where you may be able to find videos that are compatible with AirPlay.

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