5 Best Roku Channels for Premium Streaming

While there are over 2000 Roku Channels to choose from, these are 5 premium Roku channels you won't want to miss.

Adding these Roku channels will turn your Roku into a smoking hot, cable cutting media streamer!

5 Best Roku Channels for Premium Streaming

While new Roku channels are being added almost daily. The list of paid premium streaming subscription channels still remains rather short.

These 5 Roku channels are among our favorite subscription channels. Once you see all the great content offered, they seem like quite a bargain.

Netflix - Is one of our favorite subscription streaming channels. There is so much great content on Netflix including TV series of their own which they produce in 4K UHD Resolution. View their complete list of 4K movies and shows here.

There is so much great stuff to watch on Netflix it seems we barely have time to watch much else. 

Finding content on Netflix can be a little difficult sometimes since they show you only a a small portion of their huge library based on your past viewed episodes.

Here are a couple of ways to make finding new Movies and TV Shows on Netflix much easier:

Start your Free Month on Netflix!

Amazon Instant - Another premium streaming service that is a close competitor to Netflix. Their premium subscription service differs since they only charge an annual Prime Membership Fee instead of a monthly fee like Netflix and Hulu does.

Amazon Prime membership includes some nice extras like Free 2 Day shipping on anything you buy from Amazon plus some other value added perks. To learn more about these extras, please click here.

Hulu - Used to be called Hulu Plus and after a recent name change they are calling themselves just plain Hulu now. While they offer the most current TV shows from major network channels the day after they air, they are the only premium streaming service that shows commercials.

If you want to stay up to date with new popular shows, Hulu is a great Roku channel with a ton of content. They offer a Free One Week Trial and afterwards it costs $7.99 a month to keep using their service.

HBO Now - Up until this year the only way to watch HBO on Roku was with a cable or satellite provider subscription. You would then add the HBO Go Roku channel and link it with your provider password and login. Then you could access and stream the same shows on your Roku, which were also available on your HBO cable channel.

For more channels you can watch on Roku Free with a Cable or Satellite Subscription - Please click here

Starting this July, HBO announced you can subscribe to their channel on Roku without a cable or satellite account. Currently it is only available on Roku if you subscribe to Sling TV for $20 a month and then add the HBO Now channel for an additional $15 a month.

Soon HBO Now will be available on Roku as a stand-alone channel for $15 a month with the first month free.

Showtime - Following the lead of HBO, Showtime also announced a new Roku channel that will be available as a stand-alone streaming service starting this July. 

They are also offering  a free 30 Day trial to subscribers who would like to try out their stand alone Roku channel. You can sign up by Visiting this page.

Adult Subscription Channels - These are private adult channels which yo u won't find listed anywhere in the Roku channel store. They offer unlimited streaming of adult content on your Roku. 

You can view our top three favorite Roku adult channels which are listed here. These premium adult subscription channels offer much more entertainment than Cable or Satellite.

Premium Streaming Channels

While subscribing to a paid streaming channel is not mandatory, once you see the large volume of content they offer, you will be quite pleased. Their quality is top notch and really hard to beat.

We urge you to take advantage of their free trials before you make up your mind.

We also created a much longer Best Roku Channels Guide. Our list contains over 80 popular Roku channels including all the channels here which can be instantly added to your Roku. Plus we added some popular Roku channels which are even totally free.

To add any of these channels to your Roku  - Please click here!

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