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Get the Best Roku Deals on a New Roku!

Coupons, Codes, Blowouts and Promos - Here are some of the best Roku Deals!

Pretty much everyone that has ever owned a Roku will tell you it's a pretty amazing media streamer. With the large selection of Free Channels and enough great content for Kids to Grandparents and everyone in between, there is never a shortage of great stuff to watch on Roku. 

We have scoured the net to find some of the best places to find Roku deals. The money you save on a Roku player may even be enough to pay for a few months of Netflix.

While you can buy a Roku in pretty much any large department store in America, this is not where the best Roku Deals are found. To find great prices on a new Roku, you will need to look online and let your mouse do the shopping. Here are our favorite sites that from time to time offer some pretty good discounts on Roku media players. To find the best deals, you may need to check them out a few times and if you do find a great deal don't wait too long. Many people love Roku and great deals are snapped up pretty fast.

Amazon Coupons and Daily Deals

Amazon is one of the first places we check for great Roku Deals. Amazon has a huge website with many different categories and places to shop online. If Amazon was a real brick and mortar store, they would probably fill up several Walmart stores or an entire shopping mall. Two places to find great deals on the Amazon website is their Coupon Section and also on their Daily Deal Page.

Once on Amazon's website you can also enter the following search terms to find great Roku Deals:
"Roku Deal, or Roku Refurbished"
Try also entering the model number you are searching for like Roku 3 Deal. By using simple search terms we were able to find a "Brand New" Roku 3 which Roku has listed for the retail price of $99.99 on their website for as low as $84.99 along with free shipping on Amazon.

Roku Website Offers Discounts and Deals!

Roku also offer great deals and promotions on Roku players on their website almost all the time. Often these promotions will only last for a short time, so you need to check their site frequently for the latest promo or coupons. Here is the Roku Deals page on that offers ongoing discounts and coupons. This page is not always easy to find, so you may want to bookmark the link. an Untapped Gold Mine

Woot offer some incredible deals from time to time. Like this great bargain for a Refurbished Roku 3 for only $64! 

About "Refurbished" Roku Deals

Some people recoil in terror when you mention refurbished. Somewhere along the line they may have had a bad experience with a vendor. In our experience with reputable companies like Apple and Roku we have actually had some really good luck buying refurbished items. 

Factory refurbished Roku media players go through a rather strict quality and control process to make the item ready for resale. Since they are checked over a second time by certified techs to make sure they function and look like new, you can be assured your chances of getting a fully functional unit is even better than when new. 

Many times the only way you could ever tell they are not new, is the box they come in is a white box rather then one you would get if your were buying a brand new retail model. Refurbished models often offer the best deals and can easily save you some extra cash when buying a new Roku.

30 Days Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

Both and Amazon offer a 30 Day no questions asked money back guarantee. If for some reason you are not happy or your Roku does not work correctly, you can send it back. Amazon also offers a really good extended Square Deals warranty protection service.  It costs $10 for two years of protection if you purchase a Roku up to $75 and $13 for purchases up to $100. This will protect your Roku against damage or failure for two years and is much better than the standard 90 Day manufacturer's warranty.

Other Places to Find Roku Deals

If you don't mind buying a used Roku you can often get these for the least amount of money. A good rule of thumb when searching for deals on used Roku players is to try to get them for half the price of what they would cost new if a current model and a little less for older models.

Some of the best places to find used Roku models are on eBay and Craigslist. Just make sure to meet a seller in a public place if possible when shopping on Craigslist. Often sellers will agree to meet you at a Walmart parking lot where there are plenty of people and cameras. If shopping on eBay, always be sure to check out the seller's feedback ratings to be certain they are reputable sellers.

Get the Best Roku Channels

Once you get your new Roku player installed you will soon be streaming some of the best content on the internet. To get this content you will first need to add some Roku channels. The good news is Roku has over 1700 to choose from. If you add Roku channels and don't like them they are easy to delete. Learn more here.

To help you get started with new content, we have put together a large collection of Roku channels that can be added right from our site. Just remember if you are on a mobile device, you will need to change your referrer agent in your web browser or all the Public Roku channel install links will not work properly. Here are some simple instructions on how to do this in your mobile browser in just a few easy steps.

Roku Channels:

View Roku Channels by Popular Categories »
A-Z Roku Private and Public Channels List »
Top 70 Best Roku Channels »

Don't Forget to Add a Great Streaming TV and Movie Service

As we mentioned in the beginning, you will most likely save enough money for a month or two subscription to a streaming service by finding a Roku deal. Many of these providers even offer a free one month trial for new customers.

The monthly cost for a streaming provider is very reasonable (Less than $10) which is a lot less than a monthly cable or satellite subscription. Most offer a huge amount of commercial free content that is not easily found elsewhere on Roku. For a more in depth comparison guide, be sure to read Netfilx Vs Vudu Vs Hulu Plus Vs Amazon Instant to help you decide which streaming service offers the best features and content to fit your needs.

Hopefully these tips will help you find great Roku deals next time you need to get a new Roku.

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