Giant Cinema - FREE Movie TV Streaming Service

Giant Cinema - FREE Movie Streaming Service

Watch Free Movies and TV shows on Giant Cinema - Refer Friends and Get Paid!

August 11, 2014 Giant Cinema Update - Still Nothing of Value.

On July 4th with much hype and fanfare Giant Cinema went out of beta and officially launched. For a while you could access a very limited selection of 3rd rate videos. Checked the site today and you can't even access any videos. Once you log in when trying to access the home page it takes you directly to your dashboard. Site is obviously broken and they put the beta logo back up. Check back in a few months to see if they get their act together. At this point our recommendation is, Don't Waste Your Time.

With the July 4th launch date of Giant Cinema - Couch Potato Spuds can finally rejoice!

Giant Cinema is a new media streaming service that is offering their viewers a pice of the action. The only way to access their free streaming service is through an invite from another member or (Spud). Their service offers a different business plan than most typical streaming services like Netflix or Hulu Plus. Instead of a monthly fee they offer their content 100% free to watch with commercials.

Where things get interesting is they also offer viewers a cut of their advertisement revenue based on referrals. When you refer friends and family and they watch movies and videos on Giant Cinema, you will get a 10% cut of their advertisement revenues.

Giant Cinema recently just went live so their content on the site is still rather sparse. The company has created a lot of buzz during their pre launch beta period and has said many thousands of users have already signed up for their service.

Check out Giant Cinema and become a Spud

Click Here to Access Giant Cinema

How to Access your Giant Cinema Referral Link

Once you sign be sure to access and share your referral link so you can start sharing and earning revenue. Click the settings icon as shown in the photo below.

From the popup context menu click Dashboard. This will show you how many of your friends and family have signed up. Remember you will get 10% of the revenue from them whenever they use the service and watch commercials. Once in the dashboard, to get to your referral link click the tools tab. This is where you will find the url you will want to share with friends and family. They will need this link to gain access to the site and sign up.

Will Giant Cinema Take Off?

No one really knows how popular or how much content will be available on Giant Cinema yet. It could be a bust or it could well end up being the next YouTube or Netflix. So think of this as your golden opportunity to get in on the ground floor. If this new streaming service really takes off, it could end up being a huge hit and even have Netflix looking over their shoulder while sharing their Giant Cinema advertiser revenue with you and your extended family of Spuds.

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