7 Sites for Finding Netflix TV Shows and Movies

8 Sites to Find & Watch Netflix TV Shows

Binge watch and find new Netflix TV shows and Movies from their huge library with these great Free sites!

Netflix TV shows make up a large portion of their vast instant streaming catalog. For years Netflix opened up their API (Application Programming Interface) to 3rd party developers so they could create great apps and sites which would then link to their content library. Netflix suspended this program to all but a few select developers and thier sites are listed here.

Eight developers that get to keep using the Netflix API

Trying to find movies and Netflix TV shows from their browser is not always easy. Netflix will actually limit what you see based on past choices and watched preferences. The following websites give you access to the entire Netflix library of videos and will make finding all their content much easier. Let's have a look at these lucky 8 Netflix developers and learn a little more about them and see how their websites can help you find and watch more great TV shows and Movies on Netflix and also with other streaming service providers.

Can I Stream It?

The Can I Stream It? website works by allowing you to search today's most popular streaming services. It will help find where a TV Show or Movie is located online across multiple services. If it can't find the show or movie you are looking for, simply sign up for a reminder and they will send you an email when it is available online to be streamed purchased or rented.

Can I Stream It? Will Search These Streaming Services:

- Amazon
- Crackle
- ePIX
- huluPlus
- Netflix Instant
- Redbox Instant
- SnagFilms
- Xfinity StreamPix

Fan TV (Formerly Fanhattan)

FanTV offers a Website app, an app on iTunes and they are getting ready to release a set-top internet box that will offer live TV along with video-on-demand from multiple streaming services streamed directly to your TV without a computer. Their website lets you search for shows and movies across several different categories. Looking for a good TV show just choose the "Popular on Fan TV" category to see what others are watching. FanTV not only searches streaming sites. Fan TV even keeps you informed of what's playing at local theaters and also on Television.


FeedFliks claims that they will help make watching Netflix even better. They are a paid service that charges users $10 a year. They also offer a free trial although when we checked the link to the trial on their site, it was broken. Their paid service offers members statistics in colorful graph format on their Netflix usage. If you don't want to sign up for their service, their site still offers some great free features like The Most Streamed Titles on Netflix Instant

Instant Watcher

Another interesting Netflix API website is Instant Watcher. When you first arrive at their home page they offer two categories of videos. Most Popular in the Last 24 Hours and New & Noteworthy. Click any title and it takes you to more info and a list of sites where you can watch the movie or TV show online. Clicking the play button takes you to Netflix to watch the video. They also have links to Amazon Prime, IMDB.com, Wikipedia and Web reviews.

Instant Watch Browser for Netflix

Intant Watch Browser for Netflix

Instant Watch Browser for Netflix is not a website rather a Roku Channel that offers viewers access to everything on Netflix. You can see upcoming, expiring or current content. They have a Lite version and a Paid version which costs $3.99 single time purchase. The full version according to the developer is updated nightly and offers direct links to add shows to your Netflix Queue and is not limited to 100 displayed results like the Lite version.

- Add Instant Watch Browser Lite Roku Channel
- Add the Full Version Instant Watch Browser ($3.99)


NextGuide Netflix TV shows

NextGuide wants to be your Personal Guide and Watchlist for finding great TV shows and Movies on the internet. Their personal reminder will alert you when a show or movie comes online and is available to stream and watch. Want to know what your friends are watching? When you follow your friends on NextGuide you will always be in the loop and won't be the last to know about exciting new shows.  Find shows across multiple streaming services including Netflix, HuluPlus, Amazon and iTunes. Create your own personal watchlist to track and watch your favorite shows and movies.


NextGuide Netflix TV shows

Yidio is another free search engine that catalogs and helps you find Netflix TV shows and moves. They offer personalized recommendations based on your past likes plus also notify you when new shows are available. They offer several categories to make finding content easy.  They are Popular TV Shows, New Shows 2014, Popular Movies, New Release Movies, and also TV and Movie News for more information and reviews.

We hope you enjoy these 8 Premium Netflix API sites and hope they help you find many more great Netflix TV Shows and Movies to watch. For some more great ways to find more great Netflix content be sure to read: Netflix Movie List Apps and Add-Ons

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