5 Reasons Why Drobo Beats Online Backup

5 Reasons Why Drobo Beats Online Backup

Why keep paying for online backup when you can Drobo

Drobo made a name for itself early on in the NAS market by releasing a friendly easy to use network attached storage device. With the proliferation of online backup sites, here are five reasons why buying a Drobo may be the best choice.

Drobo better than Online Backup

Lower Lifetime Cost

1. Most Online Backup services offer a low introductory rate.
They give you a small storage area on their server and when you need more space they charge more. Storage both online and in the real world is something that always seems to fill up over time. No matter how much you space you start off with at some point you will want or need more. Here is an example of how quickly prices can escalate for online backup storage.

Dropbox a popular online backup site offers new users who sign up a free 2 GB account. Their free account offers very little in extra features like backup protection or encryption. To get these features you need to sign up for their Pro account. Currently a Dropbox Pro account costs $9.99 per user per month for 100 GB. If you want data backup protection, this costs an additional $3.99 a month. It's easy to see how quickly the price for online backup storage can escalate. If you wanted 1 TB of storage with backup protection, which is the smallest hard drive you can get for a Drobo, a Dropbox Pro account would cost you $103.89 a month or $1246.68 a year. Compare this to the cost of a Drobo 5D 5-bay Storage Array with two 1 GB Hard Drives for $849. Using this simple calculation, it's easy to see why using a Drobo or other high quality NAS like Synology or QNAP is much more affordable over a period of time.

Safe and Private

2. A Drobo Offers more privacy and keeps your files from prying eyes. When you host your data with an online backup service, unless you archive encrypt and password protect your files you are never really sure that your data is private. A snoopy admin can access your data and determine that you have something in your virtual cloud that is against their terms or policies and delete it. If you don't have a backup this information can be lost forever. With a Drobo or other NAS, you are the admin and in control of your own files. You can choose what to share on your home Network or with friends and family on the other side of the world.


3. Your data is secure and scalable. If you outgrow your 1 GB hard drive and need more storage simply purchase two large hard drive and insert them into the extra slots. Drobo will automatically format and start moving your data to your new larger drives. The Drobo can be configured with up to five 4 TB hard drives, enough space to last for a very long time.


4. A Drobo or other NAS is more flexible. It can replace an expensive home network media server. Want to store files for later viewing or listening? A Drobo 5N can act as a home media server. It comes in a much smaller package and uses less power than an old computer delegated to this task. It is also very quiet so it can be placed in close proximity to your home entertainment system.


5. A Drobo 5D can be configured with a single SSD for the Operating System and quick access to your Applications. This opens up files lightning fast and almost 10X faster than a normal hard drive to give you ultimate performance while still giving you a massive amount of backup capacity. You will not be impacted by internet outages. Try binge watching something from your online backup service provider next time your broadband provider goes down. With a Drobo or other NAS, you will still be watching your favorite movie or video files without missing a beat.

Drobo 5D Description

Drobo 5 Times better than online backup
Redesigned from the ground up to meet the data storage needs of today's media creators and demanding professionals, Drobo 5D builds on the fully automated functionality of previous Drobos by adding blazing-fast performance.

Drobo 5D is the highest-performing personal storage array on the planet. Fast, easy-to-use, expandable, flexible, and protected - exactly what's expected from a Drobo. Built on award-winning BeyondRAID technology with single- or dual-drive redundancy, Drobo 5D protects your data without any user interaction, even in the event of multiple drive failures. Thunderbolt I/O technology provides performance that's up to 5x faster than the previous-generation Drobo is the only storage array that offers Thunderbolt AND USB 3.0.

This latest generation of USB also offers high-performance connectivity and is backward compatibility with any computer running compatible versions of Mac OS X or Windows. Data-Aware Tiering technology, is also available in this desktop Drobo. Intelligently uses the high-performance flash in SSDs to accelerate performance of the storage array. To keep capacity of the Drobo at a maximum, the Drobo Accelerator Bay accepts an industry-standard mSATA SSD, leaving all five 3.5" drives bays available for high-capacity HDDs.

Drobo 5D includes a battery that protects all data in memory, or cache. When power spontaneously goes away, the battery keeps the Drobo alive long enough for the data to be written to non-volatile storage, ensuring your important information is safe. This battery recharges itself and is designed to last for the life of the product. It was designed from the ground up to provide very high capacity without taking up a lot of your valuable desk space.

Drobo 5D is also significantly quieter than previous-generation Drobos due to its tuned, large, variable-speed cooling fan. You can even configure Drobo to spin down drives when they're not in use to further reduce noise and save energy. Get more information and current price on a Drobo 5D »

Drobo 5N Description

Designed with one purpose in mind: to deliver the ultimate experience in sharing storage and accessing data on your network. From the moment you plug it in, you’ll be able to have instant access and start sharing data. With its Gigabit Ethernet port, the Drobo 5N is perfect for any connected home, home office, or small office environment in need of a simple, safe device for sharing and backing up every piece of data over your network. Just plug it into any switch or wireless router and you’re ready to go. When you need dedicated performance for uploading of large media files, you can even connect the Drobo 5N to your Ethernet port on your computer without any configuration! The Drobo 5N is easy-to-use, expandable, flexible, and most importantly… keeps your data safe. Get more information and current price on a Drobo 5N »

For more great NAS solutions that beat online backup cloud storage be sure to read: Synology vs QNAP Best NAS for 2014.

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