Best TV Guide Listings for USA Television Channels

TV Guide Listings for USA TV Channels

TV Guides for Cable, Satellite and Local Stations

Best TV Guide Listings Sites to Find Your Favorite Shows

For anyone watching TV off the air, or using an HTPC, Cable Box or Satellite Dish, a TV guide is indispensable to watch and record your favorite television shows.

Here are six of our favorite online TV guides with direct links to their website.

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 Clicker TV Guide Listings

Clicker - Find, Share & Watch TV Shows Online for Free

DirecTV TV Guide Listings

DirecTV - Online Channel Guide for DirecTV

Excite TV Guide Listings

Excite TV - View All Listings in Your Viewing Area by Zip Code

TV Guide - TV Listings and Latest Breaking News of Celebrities and Newest Movies

 TitanTV Guide Listings

TitanTV - Customizable Grid View TV Guide with Filters for Local Cable and Satellite

ZAP2it TV Guide Listings

ZAP2it - TV Listings by Zip Code for Cable, Off-Air and Satellite

On Tonight TV Guide Listings

On TV Tonight - New! This TV Guide Has a List of TV Channels from All Across America. OTA, Satellite or Cable TV.

TV Guides Highlights and Features

DirecTV's online guide will only benefit subscribers and offers online scheduling of shows.

TitanTV and ZAP2it both offer very nice free online television guides. For Mac owners using EyeTV DVR's software, TitanTV works nicely for scheduling manual recordings. For those that don't want to subscribe to EyeTV's annual fee based built-in TV Guide, TitanTV offers a nice workaround. When clicking any program title in TitanTV it will bring up more information. Click the included record link and it will download and it will download a scheduled recording icon. Double click to import this directly into EyeTV.

TitanTV registered users can filter out any channels they don't receive or want to watch. This can really cut down on the clutter by showing only the channels received. We really like this as it really helps streamline their guide.

Clicker offers many sources of additional content to watch television shows online right on their website. They also offer a nice search engine to find online content from multiple sources. Excite TV while somewhat plain is more of a search engine style guide. TV Guide offers entertainment, celebrity news, movies and a nicely styled TV guide listings page. Any of these site will work well, to help find the latest TV Guide listings.

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