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Instant Roku Channel

This Roku channel developer is perfect for those wanting to create their own custom Roku channel and they will help you get off the ground and running quickly. Since video and music files are hosted by Amazon S3 cloud services, it helps to keep the channel development costs of a new Roku channel very affordable.

Building a Roku channel is time consuming and while guides exist online, they are often not very clear. Conventional Roku channel development requires Brightscript programming knowledge along with editing .XML and graphic files. Video and audio files need to be hosted on a special web server or file host that accommodates streaming video content.

Instant Roku Channel offers a very nice "What You See Is What You Get" (WYSIWYG) channel content and theme editor. This helps make it much easier to create a new Roku channel. They also provide cloud based hosting for your video and music files.

Choose from one of Three Instant Roku Channel Plans:

FREE Limited Roku Channel Plan is only for personal and non commercial use. Only a total of 10 audio or video files may be placed on a channel.

Unlimited Roku Channel Plan is also only for non commercial use and costs $4.95 per month. With this plan your channel may contain an unlimited number of videos or music files.

Commercial Roku Channel Plan includes the same features as the Limited and Unlimited personal Roku channel plans. In addition this plan offers the ability for the channel to be fully branded and white labeled. It may also be a paid subscription channel and be monetized with a banner and include preroll video ads. The cost for this channel is $49.50 a month and offers priority phone support and Roku device registration with Word Press or Amazon S3.

Learn more about Instant Roku Channel. Read their help file, and register for a free account to build your own Roku channel.

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Add Your Videos to mkvXstream Roku Channel FREE

We will add your hosted .mp4 videos, to our mkvXstream Roku channel.

Since videos are located on your web server and we don't host your content, we will link your videos to our channel for Free! Video content owners can now make their videos accessible to the Roku community and watch them on TV through our mkvXstream Roku channel.

While Instant Roku undoubtedly makes it easier for channel developers, there is still time and effort involved and they also require channel owners to create and maintain a personal Roku developer account. Our service is Free, Simple and Fast! Just send us a link to your mp4 or m4v video file(s).

Now you can watch and share your content on Roku the easiest way possible.

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