Your ISP may be spying on you and working with the RIAA to monitor your downloads.
Designed to strike fear into the hearts of downloaders, the latest shot across the bow at internet pirates began July 1st 2012. This is the RIAA and MPAA's latest strategy to thwart internet piracy and boost sagging profits. By enlisting the nations high speed internet providers to act as traffic cops. Your ISP will start issue warnings when users are found to be downloading copyrighted content from torrent sites like Pirate Bay or sites where their IP address are part of a traceable file sharing cluster. 

Downloaders may be issued a series of warnings which are meant to educate users on the evils of downloading shared files. If a torrent file downloader chooses to continue download material the RIAA and MMPA deems inappropriate and only after the 6th warning, their internet account may be throttled, suspended, or they will only be able to access the top 100 internet sites.  If a user decides to challenge a claim, a purported review board will look over the case.  It costs $35 to file a claim which will only be refunded if the case is won.

While we don't encourage copyright theft,  it is our belief the media industry needs to get their act together. Instead of spending millions of dollars lobbying to protect their antiquated distribution system with new and often cumbersome laws and safeguards, why not simply invest in new technology that brings streaming media into the mainstream and makes it easier for everyone to stream affordable content through increased competition.

VPN - Most Secure Way To Download

For those that are not willing to go back to dial up and are hopelessly addicted to torrents, don't freak out yet, alternative solutions exist, unfortunately the best protection will cost you a little more money every month. Private VPNs (Virtual Private Networks) that don't keep log files are currently one of the best and safest anonymous solutions that will ensure you won't get a letter from your ISP. Don't waste your money on less secure and painfully slow proxy services. 

Large corporations have been using VPNs for years to keep their network traffic secure. With a VPN, all internet traffic is encrypted and tunneled through private servers in many different countries and all user records destroyed. If you value your privacy online, a VPN is the safest, least cumbersome and most secure solution available today, while still offering a fast connection. Once set up all traffic will be encrypted, your ISP will have no way of tracking your internet history and it will not noticeable to the end user.

If you are a torrent downloader especially if you download porn, consider yourself lucky if you do not live in Japan where the House recently passed a bill that Violators risk up to two years in prison or fines up to two million yen (about $25,000) if downloading a copyright file or duplicating a DVD.

Only time will tell if internet providers are successful at implementing the RIAA and MPAA's latest measures to stop file sharing down-loaders in their tracks, or are simply victims themselves to users downgrading their accounts with lower and far less costlier bandwidth plans.

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