Quiz Results - Media Streamer - Roku, Apple TV


Quiz Results - Media Streamer

Based on your answers, a Media Streamer like the Roku 3 or Apple TV would be your best choice.

Roku and Apple TV are both excellent media streamers.
They offer an easy to use and intuitive graphical user interface and are better suited for streaming media directly from the internet to your television.
They can also be used in combination with a Network Attached Storage Devivce or a Media Server to play your own media. Media Streamers are intuitive and easy to use for everyone and require minimum setup and maintenance.

Apple TV easy to use intuitive interface makes the perfect media streamer for beginners
Apple TV 3 - Best for Integrating with iTunes Library - Learn more »

Roku the perfect media streamer for non-techies
Roku - Huge Selection of Channels to Choose From

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