Hoopla Tutorial - Step by Step Guide

Hoopla Tutorial - Step-by-Step Guide

Special Guest Post by Lori @ Roku Rocks

My Hoopla Tutorial

Hoopla is a great channel which let's you borrow and watch thousands of movies and TV shows from your local Library. With the Hoopla Roku channel, you can watch this content right on your television screen for FREE!

STEP 1: Go to Hoopla on your computer, tablet, phone, or other device. Login or create an account if necessary. There you will encounter the first screen.

  Borrow films and TV shows from Your Library with Hoopla on Roku

STEP 2: Go to the MOVIES section.

Watch Free Movies on Roku

STEP 3: Find a movie you might like to watch. Click on the BORROW button.

Hoopla on Roku

STEP 4: If you followed the steps correctly, YOU SHOULD BE HERE. **** DO NOT***** click the "Play" button.

You are now finished with your device, and need to switch over to your Roku and TV.

STEP 5: On your TV with the TV input set to Roku (usually one of the HDMI selections, but there are others), scroll from HOME to the various channels. Choose HOOPLA. If you have not yet added the Hoopla channel you can add it to your Roku using the button below.

Once added, go to Settings/System/Updates. After your Roku has finished checking for updates, your channel will appear on your Roku at the end of your channels list. You can move the channel anywhere in your list by pressing the * button on your remote.

STEP 6: When entering the channel for the first time you may need to link it to your Roku. Follow the onscreen instructions and Log into Hoopla, if necessary. These two actions are required for you to be able to see the movie you selected as a choice. You will find it under the borrowed menu as shown below.

Watch Hoopla Roku Channel

STEP 7: Click the PLAY button. Enjoy your Free movie.

Hoopla lets you watch free movies on Roku

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