Best Roku Channel Alternatives to XTV

Best Roku Channel Alternatives to XTV

Now that one of the most popular Free private Roku channels XTV is no longer on Roku, many viewers are scrambling to find other good replacements.

Even though XTV came back with another replacement channel it was just a repeat of the hundreds of other Roku channels that contain the same tired old Internet archive TV shows from 40 years ago, and even their new private channel was also removed by Roku.

Unfortunately, there are no more Roku channels that have as large a library of content that was available on XTV for Free.  (This paid channel does)

Here are the Roku channels many viewers who once loved XTV are now turning to. To try and make up for the loss of their favorite Roku channel.

USTVNow for Live TV

USTVNow has a nice selection of Free Live TV channels you can watch without an antenna. Free accounts only last for 45 days on Roku in HD then you need to renew your account. You will get all the popular Network channels like ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX and PBS.

Follow these steps to sign up for and add the USTVNow Roku Channel

EuroTVClub on Roku

EuroTVClub is a private Roku channel that has a nice mix of European channels from several popular countries.

It helps you gain access to popular content from the UK, France, Germany and more.

Watch over 300+ News, Sports TV Shows and More.

EuroTVClub on Roku lets you try out everything their channel has to offer.

Learn More About EuroRoku and Add Channel

FilmOn Unofficial Private Channel

FilmOn has a public channel but the one you want to add is the private FilmOn channel. It has a nicer guide and more content.

You can add FilmOn by clicking here or using the PRIVATE CHANNEL CODE: artseafon

FilmOn used to have a lot of British shows. FilmOn now implements a Geoblock so unless you live in the UK, you will not be able to watch these shows unless your Router is behind a VPN.

Also, be sure to check out the EuroRoku channel where you can watch tons of channels and content from Europe for a small monthly fee.

Pluto TV

Another great channel on Roku that has a nice mix of live TV, on-demand shows and movies is Pluto TV. This is a public channel you can add from your Roku. They have recently improved their channel a lot and have also become very popular.

Want to explore which channels are available on Pluto TV? Here is Their Online TV Guide.

Pluto TV can be added to your Roku here.

Nowhere TV

Nowhere TV has a very nice collection of content that can be found on the Internet. This channel has been around forever and offers a great selection of great content on Roku. They have a lot of news shows, and have been one of our favorite private channels ever since we first discovered Roku.

Add Nowhere TV here or use the PRIVATE CHANNEL CODE:  H9DWC

Channel PEAR

These next two channels take advantage of the next big thing in Internet streaming, IPTV. This lets you watch live channel Internet streams that can often be freely found online. 

XTV was nothing more than a collection of free IPTV streams which the content developer combined into a playlist for their channel.

Channel PEAR tries to make IPTV a bit easier for the end user by letting you add channel streams as individual channels to your account which you can then watch on Roku with the use of this m3u player.

Pretty much everything with setting up this channel must first be done on their website after you create an account. This is where you select up to 5 free channels with a free account. Paid accounts can use unlimited channels and devices.

Once you have select the channels you want  and added them to your account on your computer or mobile devices, then you can go to the m3u Roku channel and watch these streams with the playlist your export from their site.

These type of streams are not always reliable, but users usually submit new channel streams so it will take a little more work than turning on a channel and watching it. Much of the same thing happens on many other Roku channels but it is someone else that finds the streams and does all the work.

Create your Channel PEAR Account -  Learn More about Channel PEAR Here

M3U Playlist Player

m3u player ad-free

While almost every popular media streamer including Apple TV has had an m3u playlist player, Roku now also has a couple of good m3u players on their platform as well.

The public m3u playlist player available does contain ads which some may find distracting.
There is now also a private m3u player that is free and does not contain ads.

These players contain no content and it is 100% up to the user to search for free m3u streams and enter the link into the player to get them to work.

m3u streams can be found from all over the world. Many contain live TV and copyright content and some even include Adult TV streams.  It is up to each user of the channel to make sure to use this for legal content.

Many script sellers have also jumped onto the m3u platform and offer scripts of live TV streams of copyright content so if you deal with these sellers buyer beware. If you pay for a year in advance and the stream gets shut down your money will almost always be gone.

There are also many legal m3u streams so feel free to learn more about these exciting new ways of watching TV content on your Roku.

You can learn more about both these m3u players and add each to your Roku below.

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Best XTV Alternatives on Roku
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