Keep Your Creepy ISP From Spying On You

How to Keep Your Creepy ISP From Spying On You

Now that Congress gave your ISP the rights to spy on your surfing habits here is how to fight back!

Internet Providers Can Store and Sell Personal Data - Browsing History - Financial Information and Shopping Habits without your Consent

Some of you are probably thinking so what do I care if my ISP spies on me, I have nothing to hide. This may be true, but what you search for and browse online can still hurt you. Clearing your history, cookies and browser cache won't even help.

Stop Internet Provider Spying

Here are ways your private surfing habits can hurt you

The following scenarios are all what could happen. We don't know yet to what level ISPs will go to sell your personal and private surfing and online banking information. Some may still decide to honor their customers private data. For other's who couldn't care less about their customers, the skies the limit on what they would do to make a buck.

1. You spend a lot of time surfing for ways to grow better pot in your spare time to earn some extra cash. Your future or current employer decides to purchase the browsing history of new and existing employees and your name pops up. This information they found may not align with the company's values and you soon find yourself looking for new job.

2. You have an undiagnosed medical condition and spent a lot of time researching this online while waiting for your  Doctor's appointment.  Your Insurance company which routinely buys ISP search history on their clients finds out and cancels your policy or raises your premiums significantly.

3. You like watching a little Adult Porn once in a while. Your wife hates it and knows you always delete your browser cache so instead buys all your surfing habits from your ISP. The next thing you know your sitting in a marriage counselors office explaining away your ocassional porn habit to a total stranger.

4. You are 24 and still living at home and have contracted a Sexually Transmitted Disease. Your parents who share the same computer as you are all of a sudden bombarded with ads you wish they would rather not see.

5.You plan on surprising your wife for your 25th wedding anniversary with a beautiful new 5 Caret Prong Diamond Eternity Ring. Since she shares the same tablet for surfing the web as you do, all of a sudden her ads are all for diamond rings which pretty much ruined the surprise.

Hide Your Browsing History from Your Internet Provider

online privacy

1. Virtual Private Network. A VPN is a great way to hide your online activities from your Internet Provider. It changes the DNS IP Address on your Router and can even let you watch content that may be locked down in your home country.

2. TOR - This is what serious web surfers use to keep their browsing history away from their government, boss or sometimes a controlling and snoopy spouse. 

While a VPN is a nice because it can protect your entire home Network and that allows your streaming devices to have access to geo-blocked content. Tor instead works by installing it on your computer or Android device as an app.

If you access the dark web, you will need Tor as it completely hides your identity. Tor is completely free, unlike a VPN which costs a small monthly fee. To download Tor for your device... Click here for Tor Project Anonymity Online Be sure to watch the video below for full instructions on how to setup and use Tor.

3. Use a guest networks. If you have access to a secure guest network like from a neighbor or coffee shop, then you can access it to browse the web. This works in a pinch but is still not as safe as using a VPN or Tor. Plus, you never want to sign-in to accounts or do online banking while on a guest account as your information can easily be stolen.

How to Use TOR

How To Delete all Your Account Activity From Google

Besides your ISP, Google likes to keep track of almost everything you do online when using their search platform or services. Here is how you can delete everything with a single click.

1. Visit the Google My Activity page.
2. Once there, click on the three vertical dots and click the context menu that says Delete activity by.
3. This will open the page where you can select a time frame. Under Today select it and another menu will pop up that at the bottom says All time. Choose it and then finally under the All products menu click the blue Delete button.

Even Roku with their Latest Developer Software can track what you watch online. So even though technology is cool, we live in a different era now where your personal information is no longer really personal.

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