10 Reasons Roku Media Streamers Rock

10 Reasons Roku Media Streamers Rock!

Without question Roku continues to be very popular

With all the other media streamers out there wanting your attention, here is why Roku has climbed its way to the top and continues to be one of the best selling media streamers today.

Roku Media Streamers Rock

1. Owning a Roku is Very Budget Friendly

Roku Best Media Streamers on a Budget
Roku has priced it's streamers to be affordable no matter your budget. From their lowest cost model the Roku Express which costs only $30 to the top of the line 4K UHD Ultra model at $129. Compared to more expensive Android TV Streamers like the Nvidia Shield or Apple TV owning a Roku is the more affordable choice.

Unlike a Cable TV or Satellite box rental, once you purchase a Roku there is no additional monthly fee to own the box. You can choose to watch all your content on Roku for free from many public or Private Roku Channels like the excellent XTV IPTV channel.

You can also choose to subscribe to on-demand streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video or Live TV providers like Sling TV, Sony Vue or DirecTV Now which will cost you a monthly subscription fee from as low as $7.99/month to $50 or more depending on what channels you sign up for. Although most cord-cutters choose a combination of free channels and maybe sign up for Netflix,  Hulu or Amazon and save a bundle compared to what they were paying for cable TV every month.

2. Has a Simple to Use Interface

When it comes easy to use media streamers, Roku is among the top. They may have taken a lesson from the Apple TV playbook because this is another media streamer that was know for it's intuitive easy to use software.

Roku is so easy to use it does not matter if you are 8 or 80. Anyone can learn to navigate the Roku remote and start watching great content in minutes. While some may have complained that their channel software is a little dated, Roku recently updated it's OS once again and in the process made it easier for channel developers to have more creative options when building their channel.

3. Roku is Platform Agnostic


For those of you wondering what this really means it has to do with designing a media streamer that is friendly to all. Roku does not sell any video content of their own. Therefore they don't need to compete with streaming services like Amazon, Netflix, Hulu or others.

Roku is one of the few media streamers where all these services can peacefully co-exist together on one media streaming platform. The Roku search function does tilt heavily to their own video library like you may find for a Fire TV for example. Instead it will search across multiple service and show you the free or least expensive options first for watching a movie or TV show.

4. Multiple Roku Model Choices

Best Roku Model

Instead of just one or two models, Roku has always seemed to offer models for every budget. Their current line of streamers has 6 different models available. Most notable is their new $30 budget friendly Express streamer which still gives you access to all their channels and comes with a remote. Roku prices range from $30 to $130 for their top of the line 4K HDR Gaming model.
Here are more details on all the current Roku models.

5. More Faith Based Channels

When it comes to religious channels, Roku is second to none. There are more Church channels on the Roku platform than all other media streamers combined. You can add many of these public and private channels by visiting our Roku Faith Based Channels list here. Or choose from this long Religious Channels list in their channel store.

6. Best Streamer for Family Channels


Roku also has tons of great content for families and kids. Watch free cartoons with these Free Roku channels. We also have a large list of family friendly channels we have compiled that will help you find something the entire family can enjoy. See Roku Family Channels List

7. Amazon Video Friendly

Amazon Prime Videos on Roku
Roku is a media streamer that has a great Amazon App to watch your Amazon Prime Videos. You won't find any other streamer that gives you access not only to Amazon but almost every other streaming service available with the exception of iTunes.

Android TV media streamers can't natively use an Amazon app. Here is a workaround to watch Amazon content on an Android TV box.

8. Frequent Software Updates


Unlike some of the low cost Android TV boxes which may have bugs when they arrive and are never fixed. Roku prides itself in constantly updating their software. They just released a new version that is currently being pushed out to all their current and most previous models. 

If you have an older Roku model that has not yet received the latest software update. Going to System Setting and manually checking for updates may help you get it sooner. Otherwise your Roku will usually check for updates at night when it is not being used. The Roku software update is rolled out only to a certain number of customers at a time so your Roku will need to be in the queue for the update before it will actually update. 

9. More Content Than Other Streamers


Roku has thousands of amazing private and public channels available. From the many Cable TV Channels you can watch on your Roku if you have access to a cable or satellite user account which let's you eliminate extra expensive box rentals. To the Live IPTV channels like Sony Playstation Vue, Sling TV, and the Private Free channels like XTV. Plus a very popular on-demand streaming TV private Roku channel like iStreamItAll. No other media streamer offers so many different options to watch a ton of great content in an easy to use platform. 

10. Best Media Streamer for Watching Adult Roku Porn

Watch Adult Roku Porn Channels
If you enjoy watching adult content you won't find a media streamer that offers more channels and adult content then what is available on Roku. You can even watch Free Porn. You won't find these channels in their Public Channel Store. These are all private channels. To view and add them your Roku you need to access our Adult Roku Channels List.

Visit our Roku Channels Guide

We have made it easy for you to find and add new channels on your Roku. Visit our Roku Channels Guide and choose from many different categories. If you own an Android device, you can download our App for free.

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