Google Chromecast Tops 30 Million Units Sold!

Google Chromecast Tops 30 Million Units Sold!

In the last month alone, over 5 million Chromecasts were sold

Meet Google Chromecast

It looks like many people are still buying Chromecast streamers in record numbers. Are there better streamers out there? You bet. Here is what Chromecast has going for it.

Like Amazon Fire TV Google's Brand Name Recognition is What Sells Media Streamers

When it comes to the Google brand name. Name recognition alone helps sells products. Let's look at the cold hard facts. If you walked into your favorite electronics store and saw a media streamer on the shelf named the mkvXstream Zupreme and one that said Google Chromecast and they both cost the same. Even though the Zupreme model was better, faster and had access to way more content and came with a remote. Nine out of ten people that knew hardly anything about media streamers would most likely choose the one made by Google.

It also doesn't hurt that the Chromecast shares the same name as their Chrome Web Browser and Chrome OS. That is like a triple whammy of brand name recognition. While those of you that regularly visit this website may recognize the mkvXstream name. Our poor little Zupreme media streamer would sit on the shelf unsold and unloved next to the fast selling Chromecast.

Google has Built an App Store Just for Chromecast

If you ever spent time surfing Google's Chromecast App Store you will see there are a bunch of apps they market specifically for Chromecast.

Check out these Chromecast Apps on mkvXstream

This gives the appearance of a media streamer that is highly supported by Google. As nice as this sounds, these apps are only a small fraction of the huge list of Roku channels available on Roku. Roku also built a Channel Store for their media streamers that far surpasses anything available for most other media streamers.

The only other media streamer that comes close when it comes to available apps as Roku are the Android TV boxes. They can also access the Google Play store to download apps or also download apps from other sources.

Chromecast Appeals to the Mobile Device Crowd

Since the Chromecast does not include a remote and instead uses your Phone, Tablet or Computer to cast content from the web onto your TV. Those that live on their mobile devices are automatically drawn to this technology. 

There is a certain simplicity to the Chromecast and that may be a big part of its appeal. Plus it looks like a Techno Lollipop and that probably does not hurt sales either.

Can't Argue With Chromecast Sucess

Amazon hates the Chromecast so much they kicked it off their store. Now when you search for Chromecast on Amazon this is what comes up.

No matter what it is, Chromecast has become one of Google's most successful selling products ever. And like they say, you can't argue with success!

Congratulations on a successful product Google even though we would much rather have a Nvidia Shield Android Media Streamer instead. ;<)

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