Stream and Watch TNT Overtime Without Cable

Watch TNT Overtime Without Cable

Love Basketball and Cut the Cord? Here is how you can still watch live playoff NBA games

TNT Overtime

"What is TNT Overtime? TNT Overtime allows you to watch enhanced coverage of NBA on TNT Live in HD on your computer, tablet or phone! Yahoo has partnered with TNT to let Fans choose their own camera angles, their own vantage points, or even participate in choosing the star that one camera will hound with a single shot – even when the player takes a rest on the bench – throughout the evening.

3 Ways to Keep Up With TNT Overtime Playoff Games

Just because you cut the cord doesn't mean you need to give up watching what you loved most about cable TV. TNT Overtime is one very popular sports show that many of you thinking about cutting the cord will not want to give up. While there is no stand alone TNT streaming channel yet. We will show you how you can still watch it and enjoy basketball games you love.

1. The easiest way to stream and watch the TNT Overtime games is by subscribing to Sling TV. 

TNT is just one of the channels you get with a subscription to Sling TV. TNT will let you stream all the live NBA games. Once game time rolls around, fire up your Roku pass the chips and beer sit back and enjoy the game as it's about to get intense.

Besides TNT Sling TV also offers the following additional channels with your subscription:

  • CN - Cartoon Network which features the best animated cartoons for kids.
  • Freeform - A channel full of movies, original series and special holiday events.
  • TNT - Along with great basketball this channel also features thrilling dramas and more.
  • TBS - Home for great original and contemporary comedies.
  • HGTV - If your home is your castle this is a channel you will enjoy.
  • Food Network - Cooking, Diners and great Chefs.
  • Travel Channel - This channel will help you plan your next adventure to exotic locations.
  • Cooking Channel - Learn to cook mouth watering meals.
  • DIY Network - Home improvements are this channels bread and butter.
  • Adult Swim - Original and irreverent live action comedy.
  • Maker - Huge network from 55,000 independent film makers.
  • El Rey - Iconic cult action horror channel.
  • Galavision - The best Spanish Network television channel.
  • AMC - The Walking Dead...  enough said.
  • We tv - Personalities and relationships. AKA Chick flicks.
  • truTV - Comedy and action with a twist. 
  • Polaris+ - Nerd and Geek culture.
You can try Sling TV Free without charge for 7 Days. Since there is no activation or cancellation fees like there are with cable TV or satellite, you can choose to get Sling TV for only a month or two and then cancel your service once the TNT Overtime games are over. 

2.  Watch Many of the Games Free on ABC with an OTA Antenna

An over the air antenna is still one of the easiest and best ways to watch 100% Free Live TV period. If you purchase an inexpensive antenna and place it in your attic or on your roof, you may be able to get ABC, CBS, NBC, FOX, and PBS along with some other TV stations perfectly clear in 1080p HD.

Click here to check your Zip code to see which size antenna you would need and which channels are available at your address.

3. NBA Let's You Stream a Few Games from Their TNT Overtime Channel

The NBA has a nice website where you can watch a few of the games right on your computer. If your laptop or PC has a HDMI port output, you can run a HDMI cable to your television and watch these games right on your TV. 

Another option is to get a small computer or Android  TV box that hooks directly to your television like one from Ugoos or Minix. Since they come with a web browser you can then watch the games directly from the NBA TNT Overtime website right on your television.

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