LivingPlug Inlet USB Multi Plug Outlet

LivingPlug Inlet USB Multi Plug Wall Outlet

Now a prettier more useful wall outlet adapter is here from LivingPlug

A common dilemma for many of us as our homes become more tech savvy. There never seem to be enough wall outlets when you need one. LivingPlug Inlet want's to change that, and it's a thing of beauty!

It's bad enough when you have chargers plugged into an electric multi plug power outlet that often take up more than one outlet space. These little wall warts are also ugly as they clutter up your beautifully decorated rooms. But what are you going to do, you need them to charge your phones and tablets. Or do you?

#1 TOP RATED - LivingPlug

LivingPlug came out with a better idea. They designed a multi plug wall outlet adapter that not only charges your mobile devices with an included USB port. They also broke the mold when it comes to multi plug wall outlet design.

Gone are the days of ugly looking multi wall outlets with electric cords coming straight out the front. Instead of looking at this ugly cluttered mess of wires, LivingPlug Inlet lets you plug your electric devices into the bottom. This looks much nicer and works especially well with things plugged in on a kitchen counter.

Now the front of the multi plug outlet is a blank canvas ready for you can choose from 9 different snap on covers to let your LivingPlug Inlet fit in with any decor.

Power Switch OnBoard

Did you remember to unplug your toaster? Now with the LivingPlug Inlet you won't need to. That's because it comes with a power switch on top that shuts off the power to everything plugged into the multi plug outlet adapter.

Just another great idea to make the LivingPlug Inlet make this one of the handiest little gadgets to have around.

Quality Comes at a Price

The LivingPlug Inlet multi plug outlet is not cheap. Although you get what you pay for and this is a high quality product unlike the cheap imported models that can be found everywhere.

If you are looking for a multi plug outlet that offers some great new features, take a look at the LivingPlug Inlet.

The LivingPlug Inlet is available for purchase here on Amazon

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