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FREE Roku Channels Launcher App

Find New Public and Private Roku Channels Fast!

Now get instant access to all the popular Roku channel categories on mkvXstream from your Kindle Tablets or Android mobile devices with our free app.

We just launched a brand new app to help you find the best Public and Private Roku channels from our huge list of channels here on mkvXstream.

With so many pages of Roku channels, finding interesting and new Private Roku channels is now easier than ever. Our new Roku launcher will instantly take you to our most popular channel categories so you can find and add new channels quickly.

You will be able to add new private Roku channels either by the Add Channel links or by entering the private channel code directly from within the app.

Roku Channels are organized by the following categories:

  • Top 80 Roku Channels
  • A-Z Roku Channels Index
  • Kid's, Family and Pets (Plus a special section for Mom's)
  • News, Sports and Weather (Plus a sub-section of Local News Channels)
  • Music & Radio Channels
  • Science and Technology
  • Roku Games
  • Faith Channels
  • Adult Only Channels
  • Scary Horror Movies
  • Best Roku Movie Channels
  • Roku Travel Channels
  • Fitness & Health
  • Food and Recipes
  • Roku Cable TV Channels
  • Plus Daily Updates of New channels and more...
This app can be installed directly to your mobile devices Free from the Amazon App Store or from Google Play.

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If you would rather not install the app you can just click here to bookmark and use the web-based version of this app. It's mobile friendly and works with all browsers and mobile devices.

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Roku Private Channels App

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