How to Install Windows 10 Media Center in 4-Easy Steps

Turn Windows 10 into a DVR Media Center

How to put back the Media Center DVR software into Windows 10 that Microsoft took away.

The DVR function was one the best things going and has been an important part of Windows Media Center for the past 10 years.

install Media center on Windows 10

Many people used Windows Media Center as their primary hub for all their television entertainment. You can imagine their disappointment when being offered a free update to Windows 10, only to find out afterwards that the Media Center Software was gone.

Besides being able to play DVDs, Windows Media Center also let people record and playback high definition live TV on their schedule. 

This was a great alternative to more expensive HD DVRs like Tivo which charge their customers $15 a month to do the same thing. 

If you once again want to be able to record live TV from Free network channels like ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX, here is how to get this working again in Windows 10 without resorting to using KODI or Plex.

My Dedicated Life Forum Users Bring Windows Media Server Back From the Microsoft Trash Bin

This great group of folks disagreed with Microsoft's reasoning that people really weren't using Windows Media Center any longer. They came up with a simple process to reinstall the awesome Media Server software and get it working perfectly in Windows 10.

How to Install Windows Media Server on Windows 10 in 4-Easy Steps

    Step 1.  Get the WindowsMediaCenter_10.0.10134.0v2.1.rar file by downloading it: here
    Step 2.  Extract the folder you downloaded in step one to your main drive (usually C:) and open it using 7-Zip.
    Step 3.  In the folder you just extracted, Right-click on _TestRights.cmd and select "Run as administrator".
    Step 4. Now go ahead and right-click on the file Installer.cmd and select Run as administrator. When the installer has finished, you can click any key to exit it.
Now you can either search Windows for Media Center, or just go to the Start Menu and run it from the Windows Accessories menu.

Need more help? 

You can always find the latest tips or most current files in the forum... here

To record Live HD TV with Windows Media Center you will need either a USB or a PCI HD TV Tuner.

Network tuners are also a great option and the one we personally use is made by SiliconeDust.  Their HDHomeRun line of network tuners can be found here on Amazon. Network tuners hook to your Router or Switch and transmit the recorded TV signal across an Ethernet wire so they can be used with multiple devices on your network like a Computer, Media Streamer, HTPC or a NAS.

To record free TV an antenna is also required. It must be plugged into your tuner card or network tuner. To see some great antennas please be sure to visit our Antenna Page.

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