Roku Totalmount - Hide Your Roku Behind Your TV

Roku Totalmount

Hide Your Roku Behind Your TV

Totalmount a secure cradle for your Media Streamers

If you have a new beautiful flat screen UHD TV, the last thing you want to see is a bunch of ugly cables dangling from it going to your media streamers. While Roku has embedded their streamer inside some newer flat screen TVs which eliminates this issue. They are still very much a niche product and not of the size and quality many people would be happy with as their main television set.

Another problem with modern media streamers since they are so light and small, (which is really a good thing) they are easily bumped and just the weight of a higher quality HDMI cable will raise them up in the air.

Totalmount rack mounting system will solve these problem once and for all by placing your media streamer in a cradle that will securely attach your Roku, Fire TV or Apple TV discreetly behind your LED TV.

These racks are made of strong black plastic and are reasonably inexpensive. The wire clutter and messy appearance they eliminate is priceless.

Totalmount Models

Because Roku streamers come in different shapes and sizes, Totalmount has models available to fit them all.

Totalmount - ROKU Mounting System (Compatible with Roku HD, Roku XS, and Roku XD)

Totalmount - ROKU Mounting System (Compatible with Roku 3, 2, 1, and Roku LT)

Totalmount also makes a nice remote holder that you can attach to your TV set that will keep your Roku or Fire TV remote control handy and from getting lost. It can also be attached to a coffee table or to the wall if you would rather keep your remote within arms reach.

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