New Apple TV Is it on the Way?

No New Apple TV for a Long Time

The last time we saw a new Apple TV that offered any significant hardware updates was back in March of 2012. This is when Apple replaced their Apple TV 2 with a new Apple TV 3 which added a single-core A5 chip along with support for 1080p HD. While software updates and extra channels have been added since, it's been quite a while now since we have seen any new hardware updates to one of the most popular media streamers in the world.

Apple TV Left in the Dust by Current Media Streamers

While media streaming hardware may not advance as quickly as computers or cell phones. For Apple TV not to release an update to their popular media streaming platform in over 2 and a half years just feels wrong.

Maybe the Apple TV was just a hobby to Apple, something to mess around with for fun. While Apple may have never taken the Apple TV to seriously. It's pretty obvious that many consumers feel differently. For proof, just look for how much they are selling for on eBay. Second generation Apple TVs sell anywhere from $175 to $250 dollars. This is amazing since they only sold for $99 when they were new.

Sure the Apple TV 2 can be jailbroken and have XBMC/Kodi installed. Although for that much money, you can buy the latest and fasted Quad core Android Media streamer and still have almost enough money left over to pay for a year of Amazon Prime. An Android media streamer will play anything and is not restricted in any way. There is still no Jailbreak out yet for the Apple TV 3 nor does it look like there ever will be.

While this may not really matter to the Apple faithful who just want to access their iTunes content. It does matter to many new customers who are looking for the best value for their money.

When We Can Expect a New Apple TV 4

If internet rumors are to be believed, a new Apple TV could be here very soon. Maybe before the Holiday season or as some believe it may not happen until next year. One thing is for certain, we are getting tired of waiting Apple.

Our hopes were dashed when in September as we held our breath hoping for a new Apple TV, instead were presented with an iWatch. Really? Come on Apple, you can do so much better than that.

October is your next chance not to disappoint your loyal fans. Give us a new Apple TV and show us you still have the magic.  Otherwise many more of your once loyal fans will wake up to find a Roku or Android Media Streamer under their tree not a new Apple TV 4.

In the meantime guess we will need to be content with the latest OS update that removed the shine from the icons. It also gave us a new iOS 8 flatter theme along with a few new apps like iCloud Photo and Family Sharing and Beats Music. This update only applies to owners of the Apple TV 3.  Apple TV 2 owners, you are out of luck. No new flat icons for you. Guess you will just need to be content with your Jailbroken XBMC/Kodi along with hundreds of add-ons to watch way more FREE TV than Apple TV 3 owners ever will.

While these apps are not exactly earth shattering, one app that may change everything and put the Apple TV back front and center is the HomeKit app. The HomeKit app is designed bring smart home technology to a central command and control center accessible right from your television. This has huge growth potential as our homes along with our TVs keep getting smarter.

Showtime Anytime is another recently added app that requires a valid subscription from one of the following Cable or Satellite TV providers:  Comcast Xfinity, Cox, DirecTV, AT&T U-Verse, Verizon FiOS, Optimum and Bright House Networks or Time Warner Cable.

These apps take their place next to other recent apps like ACC Sports, NFL Now and WWE Network which is a good indication that Apple still has plans for the Apple TV and still has a few tricks up their sleeves.

Wish List for the New Apple TV 4

Voice Search Across Multiple Streaming Services.
Please don't be lame and provide us with a crippled search app that only searches iTunes. Instead make it search every popular streaming site out today. No matter if you have iTunes, Amazon, HuluPlus, VUDU, or Netflix it will find a TV show or Movie by Actor, Director or Title just by saying the name.

Full Access to iTunes Apps and Games
If  Google Play can do this with their Android Platform,  Apple should be able to do this as well. Just put iOS on it and let users use the device for more than a media streamer. Apple would have an entire new platform to sell even more Apps, Games, along with their iTunes Movies and TV shows.

Fastest Hardware 
Consumers have a need for speed. Well we crave it even if we don't need it. Make the new Apple TV faster than any media streamer currently available. Even if for just a short while it will give Apple bragging rights over Roku, Android and Amazon's Fire TV.

Backlit Gaming Remote
Since most of us like to watch TV with the lights out,  a backlit remote would make life so much more pleasant. Including a small game pad integrated into the remote while still keeping it sleek and easy to use would be a bonus.

XBMC/Kodi Pre-Installed
Could you imagine firing up a new Apple TV 4 and seeing a XBMC/KODI App? Apple would never ever do that, or would they? Think of all the Apple haters that would suddenly be looking at an Apple TV in an entirely new way.

Adding Bluetooth would give the Apple TV access to 3rd party gaming controllers, keyboards and mice.

Ultra HD is becoming more common, adding 4K support to the new upcoming Apple TV would help make it more future proof.  Plus Apple would then not need to upgrade their media streamer for another two and a half years.

Fast WiFi and Ethernet
Add support for the fastest WiFi  802.11ac and still keep the Ethernet port. Some of us still like to use Ethernet cables for the fasted speed and better streaming with less buffering. By offering both Ethernet and fast AC WiFi on the new Apple TV it will continue to cover all the bases.

If the new Apple TV even has just a few of these features, it would create quite a stir and breathe excitement into the streaming revolution. In the meantime, we still have our favorite Roku 3 which is also growing a bit old, the blazing fast Android Streamers and Fire TV to keep us occupied streaming our favorite TV Shows and Movies. All the while we secretly hope Apple would release a new Apple TV 4 already. In the mean time we will be content with our Roku and it's 1700 Roku Channels.