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by Steven Jimmy Docherty

There are many great things you can do with your Roku and other streaming devices. With the addition of an Android and a few little apps you can not only enhance how you use your device but also the content by casting movies and Free TV episodes.

I am writing about a setup which I myself use regularly and for others who have similar devices at their disposal who may want to try them out themselves.The following third party apps have a vast library of content and are updated regularly with new movies and free TV episodes.


So what might they be you are probably asking now? Well first up we have Videomix which has a great content and a nice user interface however the video quality for some items isn't always the best however you will be surprised by its massive content. 

Videomix does not host any content it just provides links to content that is on the internet. Videomix alongside a casting app will let you use your Android device to view this content right on your TV.

Free TV Episodes

TV Portal

Secondly we have TV Portal which let's you stream Free Movies and Free TV Shows. Although this is a third party app there are also extra add on apps for this as well. One of the add ons "TV Portal Chromecast" oddly enough simplifies the use of Chromecast by indexing free TV Shows and Movies from around the Internet. 

As a paid upgrade to  the free version of TV Portal, another app "Tv Portal Premium" will remove ads and limits and costs only $2.99 US. Once you upgrade, you will never have to pay for another upgrade again.

The Free version of TV Portal gives you a full one week unlimited trial. Afterwards you are limited to 2 TV Shows every two hours. Movies will remain unlimited.

Watch free TV episodes on TV Portal

TV Portal Premium and TV Portal Chromecast can be found in the Google Play Store for a small fee, the actual app TV Portal is a free third party app and can be found here:


Now my favorite third party app from this trio is Showbox which I think is amazing. 

Showbox has a really nice user interface, the content is updated daily, like the other apps it has a huge library to choose from, the video quality is great and the app itself is free, I find myself turning to this app for my viewing pleasure and everyone I know who uses Showbox can't praise it enough.

Get Showbox

Cast to your TV from Andorid Devices with Allcast

All of the third party apps I have mentioned are used together with Allcast which can also be found in the Google Play Store for $5 US, this app is great to have as not only does it support casting to your Roku (I use the Roku 3 but see no reason it won't work with other models), you can also cast to  Samsung, Sony and Panasonic Smart TVs, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, WDTV and Apple TV.

So even if you don't have a Roku or you happen to be visiting friends or family and they have any of those devices,  then your viewing appetite won't need to suffer.

More Free Android Apps

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Some of the video content these apps link to on the internet may not be legal in your country. Use these apps at your own risk. For fully legal streaming we highly recommend a low cost streaming account like Netflix, HuluPlus or Amazon Instant. These streaming TV services may also make some want to cut their TV cable bill leaving their television providers with a loss of income.
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