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If you love the Outdoors, Horses, want to keep up on Current Tech, Nightly News or Adult TV, there is a little something for everyone on the Roku Channel.



Unfortunately, we have some bad news. We needed to move to a new web host and accidentally lost most of our files. We thought we had them all backed up but Murphy's law struck and some of our channel files from and including the files that ran our Roku channel were gone.

This effectively killed our mkvXstream Roku channel so we took it down.

Eventually we want to again build a new Roku channel, hopefully bigger and better. We have also have started the task of recreating some of the cool stuff we had on and

It's was years of work and many hours gone in a nano second by accidentally deleting the wrong archived file.

If you had installed our mkvXstream channel, thanks for subscribing, it's been a great ride and we are grateful to have had you as a subscriber for the last five years. Check back because eventually we will be adding some more Roku channels, next time you can bet we will have an up to date backup on a new Synology NAS.

In the meantime, be sure to,
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Rock On! TV Streamers

We built this private Roku Channel using the free Developer Software from Roku. There is no fee, this channel is free to install on your Roku using the link or code provided below.

mkvxstream-com Roku Channel

Channel Code: mkvXstream Roku channel Roku Channel Contents: 

- Tech News Various Sources
- Nightly World News
- HorseGirl TV
- Discover Southern Oregon
- Find Adult Roku channels
- And much more...

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Channel Issues?

From time to time things can go wrong. If you experience any issues with a video not loading or channel not working, please feel free to contact us and let us know. This helps us in troubleshooting issues and will help get the channel quickly working again. A few people who had our channel installed for a long time reported it not loading some videos. Here is how to fix it. If you experience issues simply delete the channel and reinstall using the link above. If you enjoy our Roku channel, please rate it 4 Stars!

Develop your own Roku Channel

Roku makes it easy for anyone to build their own Roku Channel by providing free developer tools and documentation online. Click here for a Step by Step Guide on how to build a Roku Channel.

We hope you enjoy the Roku channel and if you own original video content that you would love to see on Roku, please contact us and we will be happy to add it to the mkvXstream Roku channel.

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