Chromecast Black Friday Media Streamer Number One Seller

Google Chromecast - Predicted to be Black Friday's Number One Best Selling Media Streamer

Chromecast low cost media streamer a big hit with consumers

If recent off the shelf sales of Google's new Chromecast media streamer are any indication of what's in store for this holiday season. Black Friday shoppers will be be snapping up Chromecast media streamers like last year's Furbies

Never before has a well known name brand media streamer been released at such a low affordable price. While there are certainly better media streamers available like Roku or Apple TV that offers much more content than what is currently available for Chromecast.  Chromecast gives people who have yet to adopt media streaming a way to stream and watch online videos from YouTube, Netflix and Hulu Plus on their televisions for only $35. 

Chromecast plugs in out of the way into your TV's HDMI port. Streaming from Chromecast is a little different as it requires your Tablet, Smart Phone or PC to act as a gateway. What this means is once you start playing a video on your handheld device and hand it over or cast it to Chromecast, you can turn off and put away your mobile device while the video continues to play on your TV. 

Chromecast works differently than more expensive Roku or Apple TV media streamers. They come with their own remote controls and let you browse and watch videos directly from your TV. They don't require a computer or mobile device to stream and watch internet content or to browse for and start playing videos like Chromecast.

Limited Content Available on Chromecast

Content on Chromecast is still somewhat limited compared to some of the more seasoned media streamers. To be fair, Chromecast is a brand new media streaming platform that was just released.

Roku during their first year only had a handful of channels, and if you fast forward to 2013 now there are over 1000 Roku channels available. Industry experts predict the same will hold true for Chromecast, as the platform matures apps and channel content will continue to grow.

Apps Currently Available for Chromecast

YouTube: One of the most popular and watched free video platforms on the internet.  While YouTube is widely available on almost all media streamers it still is not officially yet available on Roku. This is why we recommend Chromecast as a low cost option to supplement your Roku player. 

Pandora: Wirelessly music from the cloud and your mobile device on your TV.

Hulu Plus: Watch Movies and newer TV shows for a low monthly fee.

Netflix: Streaming service to watch a large selection of Movies and TV shows.

Google Play Movies & TVWatch movies and TV shows purchased on Google Play.

Google Play MusicListen to music on your TV purchased on Google Play Music.

Chromecast Limited Availability

When Chromecast first launched they flew off the shelves and were hard to find. If you could find them, they were often selling for a premium price. As we get closer to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, this could easily happen again. Currently they are available and one of the best selling electronic items at Amazon. Shop early to guarantee a new Chromecast media streamer will still be available this holiday season.

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