Kodi/XBMC Repos for Free TV (The Good Stuff!)

Kodi/XBMC Repos for Free TV!

Here is the "Good Stuff" for Kodi/XBMC!

Here are some of the most sought after XBMC Add-ons or Repos for watching free television or movies on an Kodi/XBMC enabled media streamer, computer or HTPC.

These are the repos and add-ons some will try to sell you to tell you.

If you saw our other popular post Top Five XBMC Add-Ons for Watching TV on HTPC, Android or Apple TV, you have already seen some pretty cool repos for Kodi/XBMC. Here we bring you some more hot repos that many in the streaming world consider to be the "Good Stuff".

These are some of the top Add-Ons and Repos for XBMC Trending Right Now

Filmon  Kodi/XBMC Add-on (Currently Down) 

FilmOn.com subscription packages include access to over 120 streaming TV channels (mostly in English language) in addition to premium FilmOn.com Movie channels and pay-per-view channels

Click here to get Filmon Android App

Project Free TV Kodi/XBMC Add-on 

Project Free TV lets you watch your favorite Movies and free full TV shows and episodes online for FREE


How to add the Super Repo to XBMC Kodi Without Downloading

This is the all-in-one repository for Kodi/XBMC that contains 950+ add-ons.
Learn more about Super Repo

Once you install Super Repo the Add-Ons you want to check out are:

iStream - Ice Films - Mashup

Watch Live Cable TV Channels:


in forty categories

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