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Geoblocking, here is how to get around it

About Hola Unblocker and Accelerator

Hola is an overlay network that makes your Internet better - sites load faster, videos play with less buffering, and your data usage is reduced. It also lets you access sites that are blocked by your government or corporation. The more you use it, the better it gets. Source: Hola.org

Geoblocking restricts your access to the internet and certain sites, based on your geographic location. Watching Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and other sites in the UK, Canada and USA will give you an entirely different selection of content to watch depending which country your IP address is in.

Now with a Free nifty little add-on extension for Chrome or Firefox called Hola Unblocker, you can easily change your location and instantly have access to many more movies and TV shows that may not be shown in your country. It uses a VPN proxy to make it look like you are in the country of the site you are trying to access.

Perfect for those traveling abroad that would like to watch their favorite shows from back home. Or, use it to simply watch more or different content than what is currently being offered in your home country.

Once Hola Unblocker is installed, just click the logo in the upper right hand corner of your browser and choose a country where you would like to browse such as the UK, then visit the BBC website. Now you can watch BBC shows that are blocked from showing in the USA. 

To see a list of sites you can turn on click on the flame icon again and choose settings. A window opens with a list of site icons linked to scripts. These sites can be unblocked on or off by simply clicking on the icon. Want them to go back to normal, just click on the icon once more.  Use the search box to find additional scripts for more sites.

Some countries may be missing or a little slow although for the main ones UK, Canada and USA Hola Unblocker works fast and smooth.

Free Version Has Ads

Information from the developer regarding ads: "Hola is sponsored by ads (very few, and only when unblocking!), and by the Shopping app which can be removed with one click." "We've experimented with some monetization techniques. A bug caused ads to be displayed on non-unblocked pages, and we've since removed that." Please contact them at help@hola.org if you have any other questions. You can also use Hola Unblocker Ad Free for $6.99 a month

Hola Unblocker Controversy

Hola has been in the news lately with some controversy surrounding Hola selling their users’ data. Hola also does not work with Google or Wordpress sites.

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