Diamond media streamer
Diamond HD Media Wonder Mini Media Player

  • USB 2.0 and compatible with USB 1.1
  • Supports RM, RMVB, AVI, MPEG1(VCD), MPEG2(DVD) and MP4 video formats
  • Supports JPEG, M-JPEG, BMP, TIFF and PNG photo formats
  • SD, MMC and hot-swappable
  • Support USB and card insert at the same time, and can switch to each other
Product Description
The Diamond HD Media Wonder Mini Media Player easily connects to any TV. Enjoy movies, music, photos and other media files stored on any portable USB hard drive or memory card.

Bring your digital media files to any TV. The compact size makes it easy to switch between TV's at home or on the go for maximum portability. Watch your downloaded movies or other digital media on your big screen TV with out burning to disk.... More »

CategoryMedia Player
Connect To Web
Connect To Local Network
Support Media FormatRM, RMVB, AVI,
Plays Content From External
Portable USB hard
drive or memory card
Access To Multiple Drives
Composit Video Connection480I/576I max
Componenet Video Connection480I/480P/576I/576P/
Rmvb SupportYes

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