Roku Vs Apple TV Vs Nvidia SHIELD TV

Roku Vs Apple TV Vs Nvidia SHIELD

If you are new to media streamers and cutting the cord, you may be wondering which is the best media streamer to buy. While things are constantly changing when it comes to cutting the cord, one thing is still the same. 

To replace your expensive monthly cable TV bill, spending some money up front for a device that can stream lower cost and free content from the Internet is the cost of admission and a great deal compared to the monthly bill you get in the mail from your cable TV provider every month.

WhicH media streamer SHOULD YOU buy?

Unfortunately, telling you which media streamer you should go out and buy is not always an easy answer. There are some great choices available and a lot depends on what your primary goal is for watching TV without cable or satellite. If you only want to watch Free TV and don't care if it is legal or not, then choosing the right media streamer can make a lot of difference. If you would rather subscribe to a lower cost legal streaming TV service to replace many or most of the channels you previously had on cable TV then another media streamer will offer an even better user experience.


Here's why Roku is still by far one of our favorite media streamers for watching legal TV content. Their Free Roku Channel offers many great newer movies and shows with minimally invasive ads.
  • More Legal Channels! Roku has worked very hard to keep their platform inviting to all legal streaming TV providers. You won't be dealing with some channels or streaming services not working due to DRM issues as you would on other cheap Android media streamers. Roku also offers one of the largest collection of FAITH channels ever offered by any other media streamer.
  • All The Major Cable TV Channels Available - Roku has more individual cable TV channels than pretty much any other media streamer. Check out This List of Cable TV Channels Available on Roku.
  • Major Live TV Cable Channel Providers - Not only can you add cable channels individually to your Roku if you have access to a cable TV or satellite login account. You can also subscribe to live cable TV providers like Sling TV, PS VUE, DirectTV Now, YouTube and Hulu Live channels for much less than what you may be paying now.
  • Adult TV -  Like your cable TV or satellite sub, owning a Roku media streamer also gives you access  to a long list of Adult TV channels for a fraction of the cost of a subscribing to a comparable adult channel on cable or satellite.

Best Media Streamer Roku Vs Apple TV Vs Android

Best Media Streamer for IPTV STREAMS

Until recently only one very good IPTV channel was publicly available on Roku and even though several methods still exist that let you watch playlists on the Roku platform. Nothing beats an Android TV box or cheap Fire TV Stick when it comes to an easy way to watch IPTV streams. Even with an Apple TV, you can watch your playlists. If you enjoy watching free content from many other countries or live TV m3u sources, we highly recommend a simple Android Box or Fire TV. This gives you access to many great apps for watching m3u streams like Perfect Player and apps like Kodi which you won't find on Roku.

Best media streamer for extreme performance

  • Easy To Use - Nvidia has a nice user interface on their SHIELD that will make it easy to learn and use the Android Operating System.  While not quite as intuitive as Roku or Apple TV, we find the SHIELD to have the best user experience when it comes to Fire TV or Android Media Streamers. With support for all the major streaming providers in 4K like Amazon Video, Netflix Hulu, PS Vue and a lot of great apps from the "Dark Side" the SHIELD pretty much does it all.
  • Extreme Performance - This is where the Nvidia SHIELD continues to shine and outperform pretty much every other Android box available today. The processor they used at the time was 34X more powerful than the 2012 Apple TV and to this day, no other Android box or Roku can touch it performance wise. The only other media streamer that can match it's performance today is the new Apple TV 4K model.
  • Ongoing Support - Another big plus for Nvidia vs almost every other Android box are the ongoing software updates. Other low cost Android manufactures would rather sell you a new box every time a new version of the Android software is released. Not Nvidia, they are still supporting their boxes from three years ago with the most current version of Android OS.
  • Gaming - If you love to play games, a Nvidia SHIELD will easily do double duty and not disappoint. It also works great as a Retro gaming emulator for playing many of old Retro games.
  • Android TV OS - This is what separates the Nvidia SHELD from almost every other Android TV box except for the Mi Box (which costs less but has a lot less power). The operating system was made specifically to be used with a TV from the couch and not from a touchscreen phone. This makes for a lot better user experience and lets you control native apps with a remote instead of needing to juggle between a remote, mouse or trackpad.
  • Quality Hardware - The first time you open the box you will know the Nvidia SHIELD is no ordinary Android box. This is a quality piece of media streaming hardware that will give you many enjoyable hours of trouble free, awesome streaming TV performance.


Roku Vs Nvidia SHIELD Vs Apple TV 4K
The Apple TV even though it now offers apps like Plex, and IPTV streaming, is still a very locked down system although with an extremely nice and easy to use interface. If you still watch a lot of your media on iTunes, then it's a great option. More and more streaming content is now becoming available on their platform and we really like their new channel that lets you browse all your content from within one channel rather than bouncing between channels and apps like you do on Roku or Android. This offers a seamless and intuitive user experience much like a subscription TV service.

Apple also has implemented an excellent single sign-on feature in their Apple TV so you won't be forced to sign into many channels multiple times during the month just to use them. Sign-in once and you're pretty much done with all the major channels that support it. 
Roku still offers access to the widest range of content including many private hidden channels so you will want to own at the very minimum a Roku Express or Streaming Stick Plus.
Save your pennies though, because at some point, owning an Android media streamer like the awesome Nvidia SHIELD TV box will let you enjoy everything streaming TV and Android has to offer. Minus the high monthly cost of cable or satellite TV.

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