Can't Add Private Roku Channels? Try This Trick

Can't Add Private Roku Channels? Try This Simple Trick

Today while trying to check if a Roku private channel code was valid, nothing in our Roku user account would work. We were unable to modify or even access any settings, add private Roku channel codes, or pretty much do anything in our Roku account at all even though we had logged in.

Can't add private Roku channels

No matter what was clicked using multiple web browsers it would simply refresh and bring us right back to the Roku My Account page.

If this happens, don't worry. You've not been banned from accessing your Roku account. It's most likely only a glitch and we'll show you how to easily get past this.

We're not exactly sure what causes a Roku account to lock up like this. It's more than likely a cookie or cache file that gets scrambled or needs to be updated in order to once access your Roku account settings or install private Roku channels by code.

We have heard of this happening to others in our Roku Rocks Facebook group and the recommended fix has always been to try a different web browser.

This is not to be confused if you are banned from adding private channels altogether which Roku also recently has been using as a tool to combat piracy. This will only happen if you keep adding pirate private channels which Roku has removed by Roku for piracy. So if a channel gets deleted for copyright infringement, don't keep trying to add it back.

Some pirate Roku channel Developers would simply upload the same private channel using a different code. Roku responded by blocking their access to Roku developer tools or the ability to add private channels at all. Especially if they did not have any other legitimate channels they developed.

Although, this is not the case here. If you want to add a private Roku channel, change your payment settings or modify other system settings you will need to access to your Roku account from a computer, phone or tablet that has a web browser.

What to do if You can't add Private Channels or Access your Roku Settings on more than one web browser?

Don't worry, we'll show you a simple trick that should easily fix this issue.

STEP 1. Go to settings in your web browsers. Look for the privacy tab or setting where you can delete your cache and cookies files.

STEP 2. If your web browser lets you select individual cookies, look for the cache and cookies for and then delete them.

STEP 3. Now close your browser and reopen it and then try logging into your user account at

You should now be able to access your account and then add a private Roku channel code by clicking the blue Add channel with a code link under Manage account.

Once you confirm the add channel with a code link once again works, have a look at these private Roku channel codes. There are 1900 Roku private channel codes here for you to try. Who knows, you may even find a cool channel that's been forgotten or offers something cool you did not know you could watch on your Roku.

If you want to search through a long list of Roku channels with descriptions, click here.

GeoBlocks and Broken or Invalid Private Roku Channel Codes

Two other things that may keep you from successfully adding private Roku channel codes is if the channel is only authorized to work in a country you are not in. This is called a geo-block. When a developer builds a private Roku channel or even a public one they are given the option to click boxes next to each country they want they channel to be able to play in.

Many times they simply forget to click countries other than their own. So, for example, if you live in Canada, or the UK and the channel won't install yet you may hear other people talking about how great it is. A friendly email to developer many times is all it takes to get the channel turned on for your country during the next update.

Broken codes can also cause a private Roku channel not to install. Please contact us if you find any broken codes so we can keep our private channel codes list up to date.

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