Say Good Bye To Your Cable TV Bill

Say Good Bye To Your Cable TV Bill

If you are tired of forking over a substantial portion of your salary to your cable TV provider, there's no better time to cut the cord and join millions of cord cutters who have become cable TV free.

We are living in amazing times, never before since television was invented have there been so many different sources for watching TV.

The cord cutting movement across the world is alive and well. Each year more and more of your friends and neighbors are saying enough is enough and making the decision to receive TV from a source other than a cable or satellite TV provider.

Can you blame them? When you look at the cost of a basic cable TV subscription the price has increased dramatically over the past ten years. What used to cost $15 to $20 a month now costs $50 to $60 for basic channels, and then throw in multiple TVs, DVR, HD and Premium channels and it's not unrealistic to be paying over $125 a month for watching TV that is far from great.

With the Internet and the invention of low cost media streaming devices from Roku, Apple, Google, and Amazon it is now possible to buy one device for each TV and cut these costs dramatically if not altogether.

Multiple streaming TV services like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Video now exist and they provide a much better value, dollar per dollar than what you currently may be paying your cable or satellite TV provider.

How to Watch 100% FREE TV

An antenna is still your best bet to watch TV that is one hundred precent free. Antenna manufacturers have been paying attention to the cord cutting movement and have introduced some innovative new antenna models that can grab a TV signal from 60 to 70 miles away and bring crystal clear HD TV into your home for a modest price.

Antennas give you a better quality HD image from channels like CBS, NBC, ABC, PBS, CW Fox and several more. When we say better quality, it truly is a nicer clearer picture than you most likely receive from your cable TV or satellite provider.

Options even exist to have a monthly fee free HD DVR with a low cost Network or USB tuner attached to a small PC or media streamer like a Nvidia Shield to record, pause, rewind and fast forward live TV.

Click here for an Over the Air Antenna guide to help you find the right antenna for your location and show you what you need for picture perfect installation.

Roku Gives You Thousands Of Channels Many Which Are Free

Besides an antenna, a Roku should be high on the list of anyone that wants to become a cord cutter. They offer one of the easiest media streaming platforms to use. No matter if your are nine or ninety, a Roku will quickly become one of your favorite devices for watching amazing TV content streamed from the Internet.

They have many great categories of channels that cover a wide range of subjects.

Some of the more popular channels can be found in the following Roku categories,  or click here to browse our huge A-Z Roku Channels Index

  • Local and World News
  • Faith and Religion
  • Family, Pets and Kids
  • Sci-Fi and Technology
  • Health and Fitness
  • Travel
  • Food
  • Horror
  • Adult XXX

If that's not enough, Roku also offers a long list of private channel codes which can be added to your Roku. These are channels that have not been added to the public channel store for a number of reasons. Sometimes they contain some great content which may be often overlooked.

See this huge list of almost 1800+ Private Roku Channel Codes

When it comes to media streamers, no one makes more models and gives you more choices for any budget than Roku. No matter if you want a Roku Streaming TV+ that plays 4K content,  a 75" Roku 4K Ultra HD TV or a Ultra Roku Media Streamer that works with Ethernet, Roku has you covered.

If You're a Fan of Free TV - See this Best List of Free Roku Channels

Android TV For Even More Options

Media streamers like the Fire TV, Stick and Nvidia Shield are all built on an Android operating system. Similar to what runs your Android phones but designed to run on your TV these media streamers offer something that Roku does not. A way to play Kodi and other Android apps that are also  popular with the free TV crowd. 

Our personal favorite is the Nvidia Shield when it comes to Android TV boxes because it is supported by a company which is incredible for providing tons of updates. Plus when you buy a Shield even though you will pay a little more, you are buying a media streamer that will not need to be updated every six months like many of the less expensive Android TV clones. 

Nvidia completely over engineered the Shield to be both a gaming platform and media streamer. It still is one of the fastest media streamers currently available today and gives you full access to YouTube, Netflix and Amazon and Plex plus many more streaming TV services as well.

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